Summer Internships in London - Placements

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Psychology Internships in London

Each UC Davis Summer Abroad Internship program pairs UC Davis Study Abroad with a partner organization that manages the personalized internship placements; arranges accommodations and excursions; leads onsite orientations and optional social events; and provides 24/7 emergency support. As part of the placement process for Summer Internships, participants will first enroll through UC Davis Study Abroad and then complete a supplemental application for the partner organization associated with their particular Summer Internship program.

Although Study Abroad partners with outside organizations for some aspects of Summer Abroad Internships, the official provider for these programs is UC Davis Study Abroad, and course credit is issued by UC Davis.

Internship Placement Process

After students enroll through UC Davis Study Abroad in the London—Psychology Summer Internship program, they will receive instructions for completing a separate online application and portal for this program’s partner, Global Experiences. Global Experiences’ application will require a resume, cover letter, transcript, and more. A Global Experiences Program Advisor helps students prepare for their interview and provides support through the process.

During the Global Experiences application process students will be asked to specify areas of interest within the field of psychology. While effort will be made to accommodate students’ preferences, specific internship placements are not guaranteed. Students are encouraged to be open-minded and approach the program with a willingness to learn and grow, both professionally and personally.

Placements may require a background check. Specific instructions will be provided once placement is confirmed. Final placement will be determined by mid-April so that students can start to obtain their UK visa.

Sample Internship Placements

Students will participate in a professional internship for approximately 35-40 hours per week. Internship placements are customized according to each student’s experiences, career goals, interests, and skills. View sample internship areas (PDF) in London.

All enrolled students will be placed in an internship. Students with relevant experience and a GPA over 2.5 may have more placement options or an internship role with greater responsibility than students without experience or a lower GPA. Upload new document saved in the web folder

Resume and Cover Letter Resources

We strongly recommend that all students meet with an advisor at the UC Davis Internship and Career Center or the Career Center on their home campus to have their resume and cover letter reviewed prior to submitting these documents to Global Experiences. The ICC provides many online resources, such as resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation examples.

Information about UC Davis’s partner for the program

For the London—Psychology Summer Internship program, UC Davis Study Abroad partners with Global Experiences, a study abroad organization that offers international internship experiences in select cities across four continents. The organization offers customized internship placements to provide students with hands-on, professional experience within their chosen field. The London—Psychology Summer Internship program is a customized program designed by Global Experiences uniquely for UC Davis Study Abroad. Onsite, a team of Global Experiences staff will lead the welcome orientation, coordinate group excursions and optional activities, and be on-call 24/7 for emergency support. 

Transcript Notation

Students participating in UC Davis Study Abroad Internships are eligible to receive Transcript Notation (TN). Transcript notation documents your academically approved internship on your official UC Davis transcript. By having your experience noted, it provides proof of where and when you participated in an internship. This is especially valuable for international internships that may be difficult for a prospective employer or program to contact.

Transcript Notation is a process you’ll start within the first two weeks of your internship placement through Handshake, the tool UC Davis Internship and Career Center uses to connect students and employers.