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Faculty Resources

Faculty play a central role in the global learning process through many different activities: serving as instructors Study Abroad faculty-led programs, serving as a UCEAP Study Center Director, planning and reviewing curriculum, or approving UCEAP course work in individual major.

If you are already participating in this process, the Global Learning Hub would like to extend our thanks.

If you wish to get involved in other global learning activities, there are many opportunities:

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Class Visits

UC Davis Study Abroad has a team of Study Abroad Peer Advisors—having just returned from their overseas experience—who are trained to give short 3-5-minute presentations on the basics of studying abroad (academics, accommodation options, program types, financial resources, locations, etc.). Please send an email to globallearning@ucdavis.edu with a day and time and we’ll be there!

Integrate Study Abroad into Your Class Curriculum

Are you talking about an international subject matter in the classes you teach? Remind students that they can get a first-hand glimpse of these topics by choosing to study abroad. Encourage them to visit UC Davis Study Abroad anytime! We also encourage you to volunteer to serve on the Academic Senate’s Committee on International Studies and Exchanges that deals with issues related to international education.

Share Your Own Experiences

Sometimes the idea of leaving UC Davis for a summer, quarter or year seems intimidating to students—many of whom are away from a tight-knit family or community for the first time in their lives. Tell your own story, and make yourself accessible for students to ask questions.

Teach Abroad/Away and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Are you interested in designing and leading your own study abroad/away or offering an experiential learning program? Submit a proposal to the Global Learning Hub.

Global Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Global Studies supports students across disciplines to learn about global issues as well as to gain first-hand experience both locally and internationally through academic coursework and experiential learning.

Comprised of 20–24 required units, the flexibility of this minor allows students to take coursework on campus and/or while participating in UC Davis programs such as study abroad or an internship. A combination of coursework and experiential learning will allow students to develop capacities in three areas: global awareness, global diversity, and global action.

Interested in getting involved? The Global Studies Minor faculty committee seeks faculty to offer guest lectures for the 4-unit lower division course, Global Thinking, EAP 001. Please reach out to Aliki Dragona, for more information.

Excellence in Teaching for Global Learning Awards

Faculty who design, teach and lead innovative courses, programs and educational activities geared toward global learning (whether at home or abroad) demonstrate exceptional dedication to students. They also develop students’ capacity to be informed, open-minded, responsible people who are receptive to diverse perspectives and able to address the world’s most pressing issues collaboratively, equitably and sustainably. The Excellence in Teaching for Global Learning Award, a partnership of Global Affairs and the Academic Senate, recognizes the commitment of UC Davis instructors who go above and beyond to make impactful global learning experiences accessible to UC Davis students. Learn more.

Global Affairs Teaching Resources and Opportunities