Funding & Finances

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Funding Your Study Abroad Experience

When selecting your study abroad program, consider the program fees carefully to determine which costs are included and which you will have to pay directly. For example, airline costs are rarely included, and meal coverage, if included, may be partial.

Prepare a comprehensive and realistic budget beforehand, so that your study abroad experience is not disrupted by financial concerns.

If you are eligible for financial aid (grants, loans, scholarships) for a given term on campus, typically your aid can be applied to study abroad, and your award may be adjusted according to the cost of the program. Always consult with the Financial Aid Office before committing to study abroad.

Many scholarships and awards are available for study abroad, including ones that are specific for participants to UC Davis Quarter Abroad, UC Davis Summer Abroad, UCEAP and independent programs. Take advantage of workshops offered at UC Davis Study Abroad on how to write a successful scholarship application.

If you need to cancel your enrollment at any time, please be aware of the policies and procedures that apply. Depending on when you cancel, you may be obligated to pay the full fees for the program, including fees for reserved accommodations.