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UC Davis Study Abroad Photo Contest

The annual UC Davis Study Abroad Photo Contest aims to recognize and celebrate student photography taking place on the many study abroad programs offered throughout the year at UC Davis. Over 400 photos were submitted this year. Thank you to all students who contributed their photos! Below are the 2019 finalists. Cast your vote by clicking on the various VOTE buttons on the page or by completing the voting poll located along the right-hand side of this page. 

We are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Study Abroad Photo Contest: Jordan Thompson’s “Kecak Sunset Ceremony.” A neurobiology, physiology, and behavior major, Jordan participated in the Summer Abroad Philippines, Remote Island Medicine Internship program and captured this sunset off the coast of Bali, highlighting the commencement of the Kecak dance ceremony. Congratulations Jordan!

2019 Finalists

Horseboy in Lesotho by Matthew Dea — Biological Sciences Major

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Basotho ponies are the main mode of transportation in Lesotho, South Africa. Young boys start very young learning to ride horses. They use them to travel from village to village and pick up supplies. Most villages in Lesotho do not have roads, so hardy horses that can trek in the mountains for days at a time are a necessity. Full Resolution

Rhythm of Tradition by Sandra Michelle McAteer — Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Major

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We were welcomed to the Accra Cultural Arts Center with an African drum lesson and performance.The passion that exuded from these musicians was infectious, and the power from the drums in such a small rooms was just incredible! Full resolution

The Cutest Little Thing on Earth by Isabella Johnson — Anthropology Major

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Puerto Escondido, Mexico
While staying in Puerto Escondido we heard about a beach were every sunset you could release baby turtles... for a price: 100 pesos. With $5 we each got our own little baby to release and supported a local turtle conservation organization. The best $5 I've spent in a long time. Full resolution

**Kecak Sunset Ceremony by Jordan Thompson — Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Major [WINNER]

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As the sun sets over the Indian Ocean off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, tens or sometimes even hundreds of dancers storm the stage with unmatched energy. Sunset marks the commencement of the Kecak dance ceremony, a traditional Balinese Hindu performance that involves chanting and fire as a prop. While the dancers on-stage depict the story of Ramayana, an important figure for those of Hindu faith, the setting sun quickly falls behind the rugged cliffs of the Uluwatu Temple, providing another layer of beauty and allure to the forthcoming night. Full resolution

Puffins on Grimsey by Jenna Koermer — Mechanical Engineering Major

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On Grimsey Island, a three hour ferry ride from Northern Iceland, puffins could be seen in constant flight over the Arctic Ocean and perched along the surrounding cliffs. Full resolution


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