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Global and International Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary Global and International Studies (GIS) minor provides an opportunity for students to integrate global education curriculum through coursework and study away programs. The flexibility of this minor allows students to take upper division coursework on campus, and/or while participating in a study abroad or USA study program.

Students will be expected to work with their GIS academic advisor in developing an intellectually coherent program of study. Each proposal must be approved by the Minor Advisor and Faculty Director of the Global Learning Hub.

23-25 Units fulfilling all of the following requirements: 

Requirement 1: 4 units from one of the following: ANT 4, ANT 20, IRE 1, POL 3, SOC 5

Requirement 2: 3-4 upper division units of UC Davis courses in the area of global/international studies from this list (PDF)

Requirement 3: 16-17 units that may be met in one of two ways:

(1) Completion of a minimum of 16-17 units in a themed cluster by taking approved UC Davis upper division courses in the area of global/international studies from this list (PDF), and/or approved upper division courses taken while participating in a study abroad or USA study program.

  • Students must meet with their GIS advisor and complete a course cluster worksheet to demonstrate subject interrelatedness.
  • Suggested course clusters include: A specific country or region, or courses themed around a field in global and international studies such as: people and nationalities, the individual and society, arts, language, literature and culture, world trade and development, peace and security, global environment, health, and natural resources, etc. (see cluster worksheets below for examples)

(2) Completion of up to 12 units in a UC Davis accredited international internship, plus approved UC Davis courses in the area of global/international studies (PDF) sufficient to total 16-17 units.


  • No more than 2 courses from a single department may be used.
  • Only 1 course that overlaps with your major may be used and none from a second minor.

GIS Minor Advisors

Advising process for the GIS Minor

  • Thoroughly read the GIS minor information noted above.
  • Schedule an appointment with a GIS advisor by calling 530-752-5763, sending an email (include your phone number) to globallearning@ucdavis.edu or contacting your GIS advisor directly.
  • During your advising appointment you will review the minor requirements, cluster worksheet instructions, and minor petition process.
  • Download and complete the fillable cluster worksheet (see below). Your cluster worksheet should be typed and should clearly show how all courses from Requirement 3 relate to the global or international theme of your minor.
    • Check out the sample worksheets available below for examples
  • Complete the minor petition process:
    • Submit a 'Declare a Minor Petition Form' in OASIS when you are ready for approval. 
    • Upload your completed cluster worksheet with your minor petition form to OASIS.
    • Add a comment that includes what courses are being used for each of the three requirements and make any relevant notes.  See the template below:
      • GIS Requirement 1 (1 course) =
      • GIS Requirement 2 (1 course) =
      • GIS Requirement 3 (3-5 courses) =
    • Note: We recommend that you submit your minor petition the quarter before you plan to graduate. If you want to have the completion of a minor certified on your transcript, your GIS Minor Petition form will need to be submitted no later than the deadline for filing for graduation.
  • Fillable cluster worksheets:

Samples of past students' cluster worksheets:

GIS Requirement FAQs

  • Can I use courses from my major?
  • Only one class from your major can be used for the minor. If you have more than one major, one class from each major may be used to fulfill the GIS minor, but you cannot use a course that overlaps with each of your majors.
  • Can I use courses from another minor?
  • No
  • Can I take multiple courses from one department?
  • No more than two courses from a single UC Davis department may be used in satisfaction of the minor requirement. However, this restriction does not apply to courses taken while studying abroad.
  • Can I petition to have a class count for the minor that is not on the list?
  • Yes, but you will need to supply syllabi and/or other materials which clearly demonstrate the international focus of the course. 50% or more of the class content must have an international focus.
  • Can I do all of the course work for this minor while studying abroad?
  • All the course work for Requirement 3 can be done while studying abroad, as long as the courses are upper division and not in your major or separate minor. The course work for Requirements 1 and 2 must be done at UC Davis or an approved community college.
  • What is the cluster worksheet?
  • It is designed to help you create an emphasis for your minor. “Global and International Studies” is a big area of study and like your major, it is important to have a focus in your coursework. The worksheet should show how your chosen courses for Requirement 3 interrelate under the umbrella of your emphasis.

    Tips on the cluster worksheet: Type your final draft instead of handwriting it; make sure that each section is clear, cohesive, and error-free; think of a title that represents your take on the GIS minor and indicates to your reader what your rationale is.

  • Can I use courses I’ve taken to satisfy my GE requirements?
  • Yes. There are no restrictions on this.
  • Can I take courses for the minor P/NP?
  • Yes, but please note that each College specifies the total number of units towards graduation which you may take as P/NP.
  • Can I count internship (192) and/or research units (199) towards cluster 3 requirements?
  • Yes, you can apply up to 12 units (total), provided you can demonstrate the international content of these. Transcript notation cannot be used to fulfill a requirement. You must receive credit through a 192 course.
  • Can I use 198s taken during UC Davis Summer Abroad programs towards Requirement 3?
  • Yes, all upper division courses taken on Summer Abroad can be used for the minor provided they work into your cluster theme.
  • Can I use courses taken abroad with non-UC programs?
  • Yes, provided that all the courses have been approved for transfer credit by the UC Davis Admissions Office and provided that they transfer as upper division credit. Since the UC Davis Admissions Office does not certify the divisional status of transfer courses, you will need to have an academic advisor in the appropriate department provide a note stating the course would qualify as an upper division course at UC Davis.
  • When and how do I file for the Minor?
  • If you want to have the completion of a minor certified on your transcript, you must complete the Minor Declaration webform and download your cluster worksheet in OASIS no later than the deadline for filing for graduation. You are allowed to include courses in your minor petition that you have not yet completed, but requirements for the minor must be met by the time of graduation.