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Jeannette Money

Professor, Department of Political Science


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Jeannette Money attended San Francisco State University and the University of California, Los Angeles before starting work at UC Davis in 1993. Career interests: the politics of international migration, including the determinants of immigration control and issues of immigrant integration. Jeannette Money’s research agenda focuses on one of the most salient issues in the international system today: international migration. Her research began by exploring why wealthy western democracies had initially welcomed labor migrants from neighboring developing countries, only to close the door subsequently to all but highly skilled migrants, refugees and family members. The research expanded to understand why international cooperation on migration was so difficult while states created a plethora of international organizations to deal with other international economic flows. Her current research agenda includes issues of immigrant integration and migrant rights: one project explores the determinants of citizenship policy and why immigrants decide to naturalize. A second project theorizes the conditions under which migrants organize to protect their rights. In exploring these topics, she strives to develop evidence based policy that can help inform important policy debates.

A Message to Students and Parents

"I spent part of my childhood in France and have returned regularly to Europe for teaching and research.  Through the UC Davis Study Abroad Center, I taught a summer abroad course in Geneva, Switzerland for 10 years and look forward to introducing students to the more immersive experience of spending ten weeks in London.  Study Abroad is an important experience for every university student as it presents an opportunity to live outside the United States and learn about other cultures. The Quarter Abroad program gives students the time to develop friendships and to become acquainted with everyday life – the experiences that connect us all as humans as well as experiences that illustrate different life styles and different preferences in public policy.  The London School of Economics is a world class university and the program of study allows students to develop an expertise in European affairs that is central to future international careers in either the public or private sector."