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Quarter Abroad Enrollment

Program Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in a Quarter Abroad program, you must meet the following requirements from the date of enrollment through the program end date:

  • Be a registered student at a University of California (UC) campus;
  • Be in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or above;
  • Be in good disciplinary standing; and
  • Meet any program specific requirements or prerequisites (see individual program pages for details).

NOTE: If you have not fulfilled all of the program prerequisites, you may contact quarterabroad@ucdavis.edu to discuss your eligibility. UC Davis Quarter Abroad programs are open to UC students ONLY. Students enrolled at other non-UC colleges or universities can participate in UC Davis Summer AbroadUC Davis Summer Abroad Internships, and UC Davis Virtual Summer Internships programs.

How to Enroll

Quarter Abroad programs fill on a first-completed, first reserved basis, so submit your enrollment early to secure your spot in one of our programs. 

  1. Create a UC Davis Study Abroad account.
  2. Fill out your profile with your programs of interest.
  3. Start gathering enrollment materials such as your Health Clearance and Passport Copy.
  4. Start your enrollment; available in early September for Quarter Abroad Spring programs and early December for Quarter Abroad Fall programs.
  5. Double check that any upload documents are correctly attached and your enrollment is complete.
  6. Starting on September 23, 2021 (for Spring 2022 programs) or January 5, 2022 (for Fall 2022 programs), complete all steps of the Enrollment section, pay your $300 deposit, and submit your enrollment. The last day to enroll for open programs is December 3, 2021 (for Spring 2022 programs) or April 1, 2022 (for Fall 2022 programs). 
  • Enrollment Information for Students from Other UC Campuses

  • Students from other UC Campuses who meet the eligibility requirements are welcome to enroll in Quarter Abroad programs. These students need to complete two additional documents as part of the enrollment process. Additional details and instructions can be found within the online enrollment. 

         1. Intercampus Visitor Form (allows UC students to enroll at a different UC for one quarter if they meet the eligibility requirements and receive the required signatures and approvals from their home campus and host campus)
         2. Disciplinary Clearance Form

    The Intercampus Visitor process allows students from other UC campuses to enroll at UC Davis for one term, which allows them to participate in UC Davis Quarter Abroad. Begin the process by consulting with your departmental/academic advisor to ensure that the courses you will be taking will fit into your academic plan. If you are a senior, it is particularly important to make sure that participating in the Intercampus Visitor Program does not prevent you from meeting the academic residency requirement of your home campus.

    You are strongly encouraged to begin the ICV process as early as possible and process with the online enrollment process for Quarter Abroad at the same time. if you do not submit the forms by the Quarter Abroad enrollment deadline, you will be withdrawn from the program (and the Quarter Abroad deposit will remain non-refundable).
  • Absence from UC Davis in quarter prior to Quarter Abroad Program
  • Contact the Office of the University Registrar and Study Abroad immediately if you plan to PELP (Planned Education Leave Program) or to take a leave of absence in the quarter prior to your departure. In order to maintain your status as a UC Davis student you will need to become familiar with the campus leave of absence policy and PELP forms. You may not be on PELP status while on UC Davis Quarter Abroad. 

    If you are not enrolled or present at UC Davis in the quarter prior to your participation in a Quarter Abroad program, it is your responsibility to be in contact with the Faculty Leader and the program coordinator regarding all pre-trip meetings, deadlines, materials, etc. 

You can find more information on enrollment and other important subjects in the Study Abroad Student Guide. Please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns.