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Internships and Writing in Dublin


Students will participate in a professional internship for 20 hours per week in almost any career field and have the opportunity to receive transcript notation. After students enroll in UC Davis Quarter Abroad Dublin, there will be a separate internship application that is required in order to participate in the program. Students will receive information about deadlines for the supplementary application, which will require completing CEA’s online application, submitting a resume, listing a professional reference, and uploading transcripts. Final internship placement will be determined prior to departure. Please note: you apply to a specific field for your desired internship, not a specific company. Please refer to the list below for sample internship options:

  • Arts Administration
  • Business and Marketing
  • Politics and IR
  • Public Relations
  • And many more... (PDF)

There are internships in many fields and organizations available in Dublin, so use this list to get an idea of the fields of placements that are offered. If you would like more information about internships, feel free to contact the program coordinator.

Internship Placement Process

 All credited internships will be sponsored by a UC Davis faculty member from the University Writing Department. This sponsor will evaluate the academic content of the internship experience. The department will assign the student a CRN number for enrollment and the student will enroll in the course prior to departure. Students will receive transcript notation for their internships. Internships are not paid. Students may also arrange to have their internship sponsored by another department related to their major or career field, and if they want to do this, they should contact the Irish Program Coordinator at UC Davis Study Abroad for more information.

All students participating in this program are required to complete and submit a MyCEA internship application, a resume (also known as a Curriculum Vitae or CV), and transcripts (official or unofficial). Additionally, you will need to provide the name and contact information for one professional reference. After you are accepted into the program, you will receive instructions for completing the above listed requirements (due in May). Students will also be required to participate in an initial interview with a CEA internship specialist and a placement interview with the Dublin coordinator. Some students may be asked to participate in a telephone or video interview with a prospective employer before the internship placement is confirmed. Please see CEA’s Individualized Placement Philosophy (PDF) for more information on the internship placement process.

If you are thinking about applying to this program, it is most advantageous to start thinking about these additional requirements now. If you need help with this component of the application process, please feel free to contact the program coordinator (bholden@ucdavis.edu) or contact the Internship & Career Center. Additional resources, including a resume format guide and internship application workshop will also be available to enrolled students.

Internship Prep and Resume Resources

Please refer to Resume Recommendations for Internship Applications (PDF) for more information on how to construct your resume. More information on how to apply STAR techniques in the interviewing process.

We strongly recommend that all students meet with an advisor at the UC Davis Internship and Career Center or the Career Center on their home campus to have their resume and cover letter reviewed prior to submitting these documents to Loop Abroad. The ICC provides many online resources, such as resume, cover letter, and letter of recommendation examples.

Information about UC Davis’s partner for the program

CEA Study Abroad is a proud partner of University of California-Davis Study Abroad to expand the boundaries of your education and transform the world into your classroom. With destinations in 26 cities across 15 countries, CEA offers a balance of academics and adventure to thousands of students each year.

While participating in the Quarter Abroad Internships & Writing program in Dublin, you will take courses at CEA’s Dublin Study Center. CEA Study Centers are centrally located in cities chosen for their cultural, political, economic, and historical significance. Our locations enhance your ability to engage with local language and culture, and facilitate connections to a larger global framework of business, international relations, politics, and socio-economic realities. CEA Study Center faculty and staff are dedicated to student support, with a focus on helping you develop the intercultural awareness and skills that define global competence. Meet the CEA Dublin faculty and staff.

Transcript Notation

Students participating in UC Davis Study Abroad Internships are eligible to receive Transcript Notation (TN). Transcript notation documents your academically approved internship on your official UC Davis transcript. By having your experience noted, it provides proof of where and when you participated in an internship. This is especially valuable for international internships that may be difficult for a prospective employer or program to contact.

Transcript Notation is a process you’ll start within the first two weeks of your internship placement through Handshake, the tool UC Davis Internship and Career Center uses to connect students and employers.