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Psychology Internships in New Zealand


Participants in New Zealand are assigned to furnished, shared apartments in each program location. There will be a shared kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and living area. Number of participants in a shared space, internet access, meals and/or kitchen facilities, and method of laundry vary by location.

Participants should be open to all types of accommodation as housing placements are based on a number of factors such as availability, program length, cost, number of participants and proximity to the internship site.

Specific details about accommodations and local transportation to and from internship site will be provided approximately 3 weeks prior to departure. Transportation between your accommodations and internship site is not provided. The estimated expenses in the program budget includes an estimated amount of $100-200 per month for on-site transport. It is recommended to consider public transportation options for your daily commute.

Students arriving early or staying after the program will need to make their own housing arrangements.


A welcome dinner is included in the program cost. All other meals are not included in the program cost and are the responsibility of the participant.

Excursions & Day Trips

All students will participate in the Bridging Cultures Program that takes place upon arrival. This multi-day, on-site orientation aims to ease your transition to the environment—both inside and outside the workplace—to accelerate readiness to live and work in New Zealand. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in many self-led as well as organized cultural activities and reflection workshops throughout the program. Possible activities and workshops may include:

  • Guest speakers, networking events, and team-building activities
  • Workshops that focus on professional development and reflection

Study Abroad Advisory of Student Risk

Participation in this UC Davis Study Abroad program requires travel to and extended living in a foreign location(s) abroad. UC Davis Study Abroad endeavors to reduce and mitigate risk wherever possible.  However, the environments and risks associated with living in these locations are substantially different than those found during a regular course of study at UC Davis. All participants must download and review the following information prior to departure. Any questions should be directed to the Program Coordinator.

Study Abroad General Risk Advisory

Program Specific Risk Advisories (PDF)

About New Zealand

New Zealand is a country unlike any other. With warm, peaceful islands in the north, majestic, rugged mountains in the south and any number of variations in between, it is truly a diverse country. The nation is comprised of two main islands, the North Island and the South Island, as well as several smaller islands, all of which are home to singular wildlife, varied cultures and friendly people. The striking landscapes that have inspired filmmakers have also captured the imaginations of tourist, backpackers, adventure seekers and students. Interning in New Zealand offers you opportunities to explore beautiful landscapes, enjoy the friendly hospitality of the New Zealanders, or "Kiwis," and experience a unique country and culture. New Zealand offers an emerging global market, a growing global interest, state-of-the-art research, amazing environmental industry, and insight into Pacific and Maori culture. Source: ISA

CurrencyNew Zealand Dollar

Language Spoken: English

Weather and Climate

Located in the southern hemisphere, June – August is New Zealand’s winter with average daytime temperatures ranging from 53-61 degrees Fahrenheit. With Auckland and Wellington situated close to the coast, temperatures in the winter trend toward mild and rainfall can be expected. Snow typically appears, though tends to fall in the mountainous areas. Weather patterns can vary greatly between the North and South Islands of the country.

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