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Summer Internships in Ghana

Pediatric Care and Reproductive Health

Accra, Ghana

  • DatesAugust 5–September 9, 2023
  • Max Enrollment – 10
  • Prerequisites – No
  • Career Area – Global Health

Program Overview

The Global Health Summer Abroad Internship program provides students interested in health the opportunity to gain firsthand observational clinical rotation experience while being immersed in a local community.

The Pediatric Care and Reproductive Health program provides participants the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in maternal and pediatric health care, providing clinical rotations in the only public hospital in Ghana that is dedicated solely to pediatric care. Join local medical professionals in the historic Children’s Hospital in Accra, and see firsthand the various factors that directly affect the health of Ghanaian children.

Participants in this program will grow to understand the social and economic conditions that have continued to impact the health of children, with malaria, anemia, and malnutrition the leading contributors to childhood morbidity in Ghana. Additionally, students have the opportunities to rotate through specialized clinics and visit nonprofit organizations focused on family planning, and sexual and reproductive health programming in the country.

Program provided by CFHI, an NGO recognized by the United Nations.

Program Contacts

Program Highlights

  • Provides firsthand observational clinical rotation experience while being immersed in a local community.
  • Excellent opportunity to hone and apply concepts learned in classrooms in real-world, global contexts.
  • Exciting opportunity to grow professionally and personally.
  • Outstanding résumé line item and interview talking point.
  • Tremendous opportunity to make cultural, professional, and geographic discoveries.

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