Quarter Abroad Japan

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Language and Culture in Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Arrive Date:  TBD 2021    End Date:  TBD 2021

Program Overview 

Participants in the ten-week spring quarter program in Kyoto will directly experience traditional culture and modern life in the city of The Tale of Genji. The natural wonders and urban delights of the surrounding regions of Osaka, Nara, and Kobe will be our extended classroom as we engage in community events, monthly markets, professional performances, and seasonal festivals. In addition to completing their final quarter of first, second, or third year Japanese language at Kyoto Seika University, participants will take part in a fieldwork course in the humanities, connecting them to the arts, literature, customs, and history of the region.  Excursions to famous temples, shrines, world-class museums, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites will be supplemented by hands-on workshops in various traditional arts and guest lectures by local specialists and professionals.

Taught in:  Japanese and English (depending on class level)

Max Enrollment:  30

Program Coordinator:  Aspen Felt

Courses, Eligibility, Prerequisites

This program is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements and who have taken the necessary prerequisites. See Courses for syllabus and other academic information.

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