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Business and Communication Internships in the Czech Republic


Students will be housed in shared, residential apartments. Apartments can be shared between 6 to 8 students. Bedrooms within apartments are doubles or quads with a small number of single rooms available. All apartments have furnished kitchens with refrigerator and stove, as well as. a washing machine and shared bathroom (towels are not included).

Housing locations vary and commute times are typically between 30-45 minutes, though some could be up to an hour. Public transportation around Prague is easily accessible throughout the city and students should expect to commute to their internship daily.

UC Davis reserves the right to change the accommodation location. Should this be necessary, we will arrange alternative lodging. Please note that elevators, air conditioners and other modern conveniences may not be available in all locations.


Students are responsible for the cost of all meals. EUSA will provide a welcome group meal during the onsite orientation and farewell meal at the conclusion of the program. 

Excursions & Activities

EUSA will provide one excursion during the program. The specific activity will be determined prior to the program start date. Examples may include:

Get to Know Your Destination

According to Lonely Planet:

Prague is the equal of Paris in terms of beauty. The history goes back a millennium. The 1989 Velvet Revolution that freed the Czechs from communism bequeathed to Europe a gem of a city to stand beside stalwarts like Rome, Amsterdam and London. Not surprisingly, visitors from around the world have come in droves, and on a hot summer’s day it can feel like you are sharing Charles Bridge with half of the humanity. But even the crowds can’t take away the spectacle of a 14-century stone bridge, a hilltop castle and a lovely lazy river – the Vltava – that inspired one of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces of 19th century classical music, Smetan’s ‘Moldau’. 

Study Abroad Advisory of Student Risk

Participation in this UC Davis Study Abroad program requires travel to and extended living in a foreign location(s) abroad. UC Davis Study Abroad endeavors to reduce and mitigate risk wherever possible.  However, the environments and risks associated with living in these locations are substantially different than those found during a regular course of study at UC Davis. All participants must download and review the following information prior to departure. Any questions should be directed to the Program Coordinator.

Study Abroad General Risk Advisory

Program Specific Risk Advisories (PDF)

Student Experience

Get Connected with a Past Participant 

Contact us via the link above and we’ll help you get connected with a past participant of this program. Past participants are a great resource for asking questions about their day-to-day experience on the program.

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