Dates and Deadlines

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Quarter Abroad Dates & Deadlines

Quarter Abroad

Spring 2020

Fall 2020

Enrollment opens

Sep 26

Jan 8

Information Sessions

Sep - Nov

Jan - Mar

Program is "confirmed" (once a program meets the minimum enrollment)

Oct - Dec

Feb - Apr

Book your airfare (when program is "confirmed")

Oct - Dec

Feb - Apr

Study Abroad Award Deadline (UC Davis students only) Nov 6 Mar 3

Last day to enroll for open programs

Dec 6

Apr 3

Deadline for other-UC students to submit ICV form

Dec 6

Apr 3

Cancellation deadline–50% ASA Fee (see Cancellation Policy)

Dec 13

Apr 10

Final day to submit outstanding health clearance and/or passport copy 

Jan 6

May 8

Cancellation deadline–100% ASA and QA Fee (see Cancellation Policy)

Jan 10

May 8

Post-Enrollment Due Jan 24 May 8

Pre-Departure Orientation

Feb 1

May 16

All Quarter Abroad Fees Due

Mar 15

Sep 15