Summer Abroad Australia

Australia — Urban to Outback Melbourne, Darwin, and Kakadu National Park, Australia

Arrive Date: TBD   End Date: TBD

Summer Abroad UK - Scottish Tales

Study the ghosts and hauntings of Edinburgh, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, cruise the Loch Ness, visit Glasgow and trek through the Highlands of Scotland.

Summer Abroad UK - Oxford

Study in Oxford, the birthplace of modern fantasy: see what inspired Wonderland, Narnia and the Shire, float Ratty and Lyra's river, and walk the halls of Hogwarts.

Summer Abroad South Africa

Experience the literature, history, and culture of South Africa while in the amazing waterfront city of Cape Town and on safari. See elephants, rhinoceros, buffalos, lions, and leopards!

Quarter Abroad London

Internships and Culture in London  London, United Kingdom

Arrive Date:  March 25, 2020    End Date:  June 6, 2020