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Organic Chemistry in Nottingham

This program carries a total of 14 quarter units. Students will enroll in the courses listed below. Auditing is not an option. Contact your program coordinator to inquire about special course options for graduate students.

See Academics to learn more about applying Quarter Abroad coursework toward your major/minor/General Education requirements.

Quarter Abroad programs are academic programs so participants should expect a substantial amount of course work.

Courses (14 units)

Chemistry (CHE) 128A. Organic Chemistry (3) 

Chemistry (CHE) 128B. Organic Chemistry (3) 

Chemistry (CHE) 128C. Organic Chemistry (3) 

Chemistry (CHE) 129A. Organic Chemistry Lab (2) 

Chemistry (CHE) 198. Chemistry in Culture (3)


This program is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements.


Chemistry (CHE) 2A, 2B, 2C or Chemistry (CHE) 2HA, 2HB, 2HC
* or equivalent for non-UC Davis students

Prerequisite Equivalents for Students from Other UC's