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Psychology Internships in Ireland

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Shelley Blozis

Psychology Department

Dr. Blozis is a professor of psychology at UC Davis and teaches and conducts research on statistical methods for the analysis of psychological data. Complementing her methodological work, she partners with other researchers across different areas of psychology and related disciplines. Passionate about travel and bringing global learning into the classroom, she teaches the Summer Internships Abroad in Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK.  

What Students Are Saying

  • This internship helped me decide what I want to focus my studies on and has given me a whole new perspective on what I can do with my education. My supervisors provided excellent support and I enjoyed reflecting on my time here.”
  • “My internship experience was amazing. I got a lot of support from my supervisor, as well as the ISA and UC Davis faculty. I was very happy with my placement and had a lot of fun working in my organization.”
  • It’s important to recognize the areas where we find growth through challenge: “The most challenging part of this experience was keeping up my energy and enthusiasm for my job. No matter how prepared I thought I was to work with the autism community, there are always more challenges than anyone can expect.”