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Wildlife, Conservation, and Veterinary Medicine Internships in Australia


Housing is shared, dorm-style rooms with shared bathrooms. Heat, hot showers and WiFi are available.

UC Davis reserves the right to change the accommodation location(s). Should this be necessary, we will arrange alternative lodging. Please note that elevators, air conditioners, central heat and other modern conveniences may not be available in all locations.


No meals are included. Meals are self-catered and kitchen facilities are available.

Excursions and Day Trips

All students will participate in a two-day orientation and tour activities.

Study Abroad Advisory of Student Risk

Participation in this UC Davis Study Abroad program requires travel to and extended living in a foreign location(s) abroad. UC Davis Study Abroad endeavors to reduce and mitigate risk wherever possible.  However, the environments and risks associated with living in these locations are substantially different than those found during a regular course of study at UC Davis. All participants must download and review the following information prior to departure. Any questions should be directed to the Program Coordinator.

Study Abroad General Risk Advisory

Program Specific Risk Advisories (PDF)

About Australia

Most Australians live along the coast, and most of these folks live in cities – 89% of Australians, in fact. It follows that cities here are a lot of fun. Sydney is the glamorous poster child with world-class beaches and an otherwise glorious setting. Brisbane is a subtropical town on the way up with amazing weather. Source: Adapted from Lonely Planet

Learn more about Sydney.

Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD). To see today's exchange rate, visit

Language Spoken: English

Weather and Climate

Australia’s climate ranges from tropical to cool temperate. Seasons are reversed: summer begins in December and winter begins in June. Winters are generally mild.  Sydney has a temperate climate, rarely dropping below 50°F at night.

Because weather is unpredictable, bring clothes that you can layer for ease of comfort.  There may be some rain showers during your stay, so bring a jacket, poncho or umbrella and appropriate shoes for rain.

Weather Forecast: Australia

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