UCEAP Deadlines

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Students can begin online applications in Early Fall for programs running the 2020-2021 Academic Year and will be able to submit the application on October 1, 2019 for all programs.

Please Note All Summer Physics programs have a deadline of 1/13/2020.

Programs notated with * are impacted. Please contact the UCEAP Enrollment Advisors at the Global Learning Hub to find out more. 

Country Program Title Term Application Submission Deadline
Argentina Contemporary Argentina Summer 2/3/2020
Argentina Human Rights and Cultural Memory * Fall 2/3/2020
Argentina Immigration and Identity: Asia in South America Fall 2/3/2020
Argentina Spanish in Buenos Aires Fall 3/2/2020
Argentina Spanish in Buenos Aires Spring 5/28/2020
Australia Sydney Summer Physics* Summer  1/13/2020
Australia Marine Biology & Terrestrial Ecology, Univ. of Queensland* Fall 2/3/2020
Australia Sustainability Studies  Fall 2/3/2020
Australia International Security Fall 2/3/2020
Australia University of Melbourne Fall 2/3/2020
Australia University of New South Wales Fall 2/3/2020
Australia University of Queensland Fall 2/3/2020
Australia University of Sydney Fall 2/3/2020
Australia International Security Spring 5/28/2020
Australia Pacific Island Environmental & Community Health* Spring 5/28/2020
Australia Sustainability Studies  Spring 5/28/2020
Australia University of Melbourne Spring 5/28/2020
Australia University of New South Wales Spring 5/28/2020
Australia University of Queensland Spring 5/28/2020
Australia University of Sydney Spring 5/28/2020
Barbados University of the West Indies Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Barbados University of the West Indies Spring 5/28/2020
Belgium Field Research and Internship, Brussels Fall  2/3/2020
Belgium Field Research & Internships, Brussels Spring 5/28/2020
Botswana Explore Botswana Fall 3/2/2020
Brazil Brazilian Seminars Summer 1/13/2020
Brazil Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro  Fall, Year 1/13/2020
Brazil Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro  Spring 5/28/2020
Canada McGill University* Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Canada University of British Columbia Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Canada McGill University* Spring 3/2/2020
Canada University of British Columbia Spring 3/2/2020
Chile Chilean Universities Fall 1/13/2020
Chile Human Rights and Cultural Memory Fall 2/3/2020
Chile Socio-Ecological Sustainability in Southern Chile* Fall 2/3/2020
Chile Chilean Universities Spring, Year 5/28/2020
China  Chinese in Beijing Summer  2/3/2020
China Shanghai Summer Summer 2/3/2020
China Summer Global Internship, Shanghai Summer  1/13/2020
China Global Studies, China Fall 2/3/2020
China Chinese in Beijing Fall 2/3/2020
China Fudan University Spring 5/28/2020
China Peking University Spring 5/28/2020
China Tsinghua University Spring 5/28/2020
China Peking University Year 2/3/2020
Costa Rica Tropical Biology and Conservation* Fall  2/3/2020
Costa Rica Tropical Biology & Conservation* Spring  5/28/2020
Cyprus Nicosia Summer Physics* Summer 1/13/2020
Cyprus Explore Cyprus Fall 2/3/2020
Cyprus Explore Cyprus Spring 5/28/2020
Czech Republic Central European Studies Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Czech Republic Central European Studies Spring 5/28/2020
Denmark Copenhagen Business School Summer  Summer  1/6/2020
Denmark Aarhus University  Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Denmark University of Copenhagen* Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Denmark Aarhus University  Spring 5/28/2020
Denmark University of Copenhagen* Spring 5/28/2020
Dominican Republic Community Public Health Summer 1/13/2020
France French in Paris Summer, Fall 2/3/2020
France French in Bordeaux Fall 2/3/2020
France Only in Paris Fall 2/3/2020
France  Field Research and internship, Paris Fall 2/3/2020
France Field Research and Internship, Strasbourg Fall 2/3/2020
France Sciences Po Reims Fall, Year 2/3/2020
France Sciences Po Paris Fall, Year 2/3/2020
France Univ. of Bordeaux Fall, Year 2/3/2020
France Univ. of Lyon Fall, Year 2/3/2020
France  Social Justice and Activism  Winter  5/28/2020
France French in Bordeaux Spring 5/20/2020
France Field Research & Internships, Paris Spring 5/28/2020
France Field Research & Internships, Strasbourg Spring 5/28/2020
France Sciences Po Paris Spring 5/28/2020
France Sciences Po Reims Spring 5/28/2020
France University of Bordeaux Spring 5/28/2020
France University of Lyon Spring 5/28/2020
France Global Cities Urban Realities, UC Centers London & Paris Spring Quarter 5/28/2020
France Global Cities Urban Realities (all Packages) Spring  5/28/2020
Germany Engineering for Sustainability* Summer 1/13/2020
Germany Berlin Summer Summer 2/3/2020
Germany Technical University Summer  Summer 1/13/2020
Germany European Studies Fall 1/13/2020
Germany Free University Berlin (all packages) Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Germany Humboldt University Berlin (all packages) Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Germany Technical University Berlin (all packages) Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Germany Free University Berlin (all packages) Spring 5/28/2020
Germany Humboldt University Berlin (all packages)  Spring 5/28/2020
Germany Technical University Berlin (all packages) Spring 5/28/2020
Germany European Studies Spring 5/28/2020
Ghana Community-Based Health, Food Security and Development* Summer 3/3/2020
Ghana Explore Ghana Fall, Year 3/3/2020
Ghana Univ. of Ghana Spring 5/28/2020
Hong Kong Hong Kong Summer, CUHK Summer 1/13/2020
Hong Kong Hong Kong Summer, HKUST* Summer  1/13/2020
Hong Kong Summer Global Internship, Hong Kong  Summer 1/6/2020
Hong Kong Undergraduate Research Summer 1/12/2020
Hong Kong Chinese University of Hong Kong Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Hong Kong Hong Kong University of Science and  Technology  Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Hong Kong University of Hong Kong  Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Hong Kong MBA Studies, Hong Kong* Fall 2/3/2020
Hong Kong Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong Spring 5/28/2020
Hong Kong Univ. of Hong Kong  Spring 5/28/2020
Hungary  Grand Budapest  Fall, Year  2/3/2020
Hungary  Grand Budapest  Spring 5/28/2020
India New Delhi Summer Summer 2/3/2020
Ireland Cork Summer Physics* Summer 1/13/2020
Ireland Dublin Science and Engineering (All Tracks)* Summer 1/13/2020
Ireland Irish Universities Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Ireland Irish Parliament Internship Fall 2/3/2020
Ireland Irish Universities Spring 5/28/2020
Ireland Irish Parliament Internship Spring 5/28/2020
Israel Explore Israel Summer, Fall, Year 3/20/2020
Israel Explore Israel Spring 5/28/2020
Israel Technion-Institute of Technology Spring 5/28/2020
Italy Rome Summer Physics* Summer 1/13/2020
Italy Crossroads of Culture in the Mediterranean* Summer  2/3/2020
Italy  Made in Italy (all packages) Summer, Fall 2/3/2019
Italy When in Rome, UC Center Rome Summer 2/3/2020
Italy Italian in Florence Summer, Fall 2/3/2020
Italy All Roads Lead to Rome Fall 3/2/2020
Italy University of Bologna Fall, Year 3/2/2020
Italy Bocconi University Fall, Year 3/2/2020
Italy Padova University Fall, Year 3/2/2020
Italy Art, Food and Society, UC Center Rome (all packages) Winter, Spring 5/28/2020
Italy Made in Italy  Winter, Spring 5/28/2020
Italy European Transformations (all packages) Spring  5/28/2020
Italy Bocconi University Spring 5/28/2020
Italy University of Bologna Spring 5/28/2020
Italy University of Padova Spring  5/28/2020
Italy Italian in Florence (all packages) Winter, Spring 5/28/2020
Japan Japanese in Osaka* Summer 2/3/2020
Japan STEM Research Tokyo* Summer 1/6/2020
Japan STEM Research Osaka* Summer 1/6/2020
Japan Japanese in Tokyo* Summer 1/6/2020
Japan International Christian University (all packages) Fall, Year 1/6/2020
Japan Global Studies, Japan Fall 2/3/2020
Japan STEM Research Osaka Fall 2/3/2020
Japan Engineering & Science Spring 5/28/2020
Japan Global & Studies Spring 5/28/2020
Japan International Christian University (all  Tracks)* Spring 5/28/2020
Japan STEM Research in Osaka Spring 5/28/2020
Japan Japanese in Kyoto Spring 5/28/2020
Japan Hitotsubashi University Spring 5/28/2020
Japan Engineering & Science  Year 1/6/2020
Japan Hitotsubashi University Year 1/6/2020
Japan Keio University Year 1/6/2020
Japan Waseda University Year 1/6/2020
Jordan Advanced Arabic Language, Amman Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Jordan Middle East Studies, Amman Fall 2/3/2020
Jordan Advanced Arabic Language, Amman Spring 5/28/2020
Jordan Middle East Studies, Amman Spring 5/28/2020
Korea Seoul Summer Summer 3/2/2020
Korea Yonsei Univ. Fall, Year 3/2/2020
Korea Yonsei Univ. Spring 5/28/2020
Korea Seoul National University* Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Korea Seoul National University Spring 5/28/2020
Mexico Contemporary Mexico Summer 2/3/2020
Mexico Global Health in Mexico* Summer 2/3/2020
Mexico Field Research in Mexico Fall 2/3/2020
Mexico National Autonomous University of Mexico  Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Mexico Leadership in Social Justice and Public Policy (Fall + Winter) Fall 2/3/2020
Morocco Arabic Language & Culture, Rabat Fall


Netherlands Maastricht Summer Summer 1/13/2020
Netherlands Business & Economics, Maastricht  Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Netherlands Psychology & Neuroscience* Fall 1/13/2020
Netherlands Public Health & Pre-Med* Fall 1/13/2020
Netherlands University College Maastricht* Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Netherlands University College Utrecht* Fall, Year 1/13/2020
Netherlands Utrecht University* Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Netherlands Wageningen University Fall 2/3/2020
Netherlands Leiden University College* Fall, Year 1/13/2020
Netherlands Business & Economics, Maastricht  Spring 5/28/2020
Netherlands Psychology & Neuroscience* Spring 5/28/2020
Netherlands Public Health & Pre-Med* Spring  5/28/2020
Netherlands University College Maastricht Spring 5/28/2020
Netherlands University College Utrecht* Spring 5/28/2020
Netherlands Utrecht University* Spring 5/28/2020
Netherlands Leiden University College* Spring 5/20/2020
New Zealand Massey University Fall 2/3/2020
New Zealand University of Auckland Fall 2/3/2020
New Zealand University of Otago Fall 2/3/2020
New Zealand Victoria University Wellington Fall 2/3/2020
New Zealand Massey University Spring 5/28/2020
New Zealand University of Auckland Spring  5/28/2020
New Zealand University of Waikato Spring 5/28/2020
New Zealand Victoria University Wellington Spring 5/28/2020
Norway Oslo Summer Summer 1/6/2020
Norway University of Oslo Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Norway University of Oslo Spring 5/28/2020
Russia Russian Area Studies  Summer 1/13/2020
Russia Russian Language Summer 1/13/2020
Russia Russian Area Studies Fall 2/3/2020
Russia Russian Language  Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Russia Russian Area Studies Spring 5/28/2020
Russia Russian Language Spring 5/28/2020
Senegal Explore Senegal Fall 3/2/2020
Singapore Biodiversity Summer 1/13/2020
Singapore Summer Global Internship, Singapore  Summer 1/6/2020
Singapore Summer in Singapore Summer 1/13/2020
Singapore STEM Research Singapore (all Tracks) Summer  1/13/2020
Singapore National University of Singapore  Fall, Year 3/2/2020
Singapore National University of Singapore  Spring 5/28/2020
Solomon Islands Pacific Island Environmental & Community Health  Spring 5/28/2020
South Africa Summer Global Internship, Cape Town Summer 2/3/2020
South Africa Explore South Africa Fall 3/2/2020
South Africa Explore South Africa Spring 5/28/2020
Spain 21st Century Barcelona Summer  1/13/2020
Spain Spanish in Madrid Summer 1/13/2020
Spain Beyond Barcelona* Summer 1/13/2020
Spain Spanish in Cadiz Summer 1/13/2020
Spain Madrid Summer Physics* Summer  1/13/2020
Spain Python and Data Science Summer 1/13/2020
Spain Mediterranean Politics, Food & Culture (Sicily-Barcelona-Florence) Fall  1/13/2020
Spain Iberian Studies Al Andalus Fall  1/13/2020
Spain University of Barcelona (all packages)  Fall 1/13/2020
Spain Complutense University of Madrid (all packages) Fall, Year 1/13/2020
Spain Carlos III University (all packages)* Fall 1/13/2020
Spain Exploring Andalucia Fall 1/13/2020
Spain University of Granada (all packages) Fall, Year 1/13/2020
Spain Contemporary Spain Fall 1/13/2020
Spain University of Barcelona (all packages) Fall, Year 1/13/2020
Spain Carlos III University of Madrid (all packages)* Spring 5/28/2020
Spain International Business Economics (all packages) Winter, Spring 5/28/2020
Spain Exploring Andalucia Winter, Spring 5/28/2020
Spain Internships in Business and Economics (all packages) Spring 5/28/2020
Spain University of Barcelona Spring 5/28/2020
Spain University of Granada Spring 5/28/2020
Spain Information & Communication Technologies  Spring  5/28/2020
Spain European Transformations (all packages) Spring 5/28/2020
Sweden Lund Univ. Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Sweden  Uppsala University Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Sweden Lund Univ. Spring 5/28/2020
Sweden  Uppsala University Spring 5/28/2020
Switzerland Global Studies, Geneva (all packages) Spring 5/28/2020
Taiwan Research in Taipei Summer 2/3/2020
Taiwan Chinese in Taipei Summer, Fall 2/3/2020
Taiwan National Taiwan University Fall, Year 2/3/2020
Taiwan National Taiwan University Spring 5/28/2020
Thailand International Economics*  Summer  2/3/2020
Thailand Public Health* Summer 2/3/2020
Thailand Thai Studies Summer 2/3/2020
Thailand Thammasat University Fall, Year 3/2/2020
Thailand Thammasat University Spring 5/28/2020
United Kingdom-England Summer at Sotheby's  Summer 3/1/2020
United Kingdom- England Summer in Cambridge Summer 1/13/2020
United Kingdom- England Summer in Sussex (All packages)* Summer 1/13/2020
United Kingdom-England Summer at Queen Mary Summer 1/13/2020
United Kingdom-England Summer in Oxford* Summer  1/13/2020
United Kingdom- England Summer at London School of Economics (all packages) Summer  3/2/2020
United Kingdom- England Summer at University College London Summer 1/13/2020
United Kingdom- England London's Calling Fall 3/3/2020
United Kingdom- England Sotheby's Institute of Art, London Fall 2/3/2020
United Kingdom-England Sotheby's Institute of Art, London Spring 5/28/2020
United Kingdom- England English Universities Fall, Year 2/3/2020
United Kingdom- England English Universities Spring 5/28/2020
United Kingdom- England London College of Communication Fall 2/3/2020
United Kingdom-England London College of Communication Spring 5/28/2020
United Kingdom- England Global Cities Urban Realities (all packages) Spring  5/28/2020
United Kingdom- England Business and Entrepreneurship in London (all packages) Winter 5/28/2020
United Kingdom-Scotland Edinburgh Summer Physics* Summer 1/13/2020
United Kingdom- Scotland Glasgow Science and Engineering (all packages)* Summer 1/13/2020
United Kingdom- Scotland Scottish Universities Fall, Year 1/13/2020
United Kingdom- Scotland Intern: Scotland* Fall 3/2/2020
United Kingdom- Scotland Intern: Scotland Spring 5/28/2020
United Kingdom- Scotland Scottish Universities Spring 5/28/2020

FAQs — UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

Choosing a Program

  • What kinds of things should I think about when I choose a program?
  • UCEAP has over 400 programs, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Before you get started, it’s important to think about your goals for studying abroad, so you don’t lose track of that when you’re looking at all the options.

    Academics and Professional Factors
    - What are you trying to achieve academically while you are abroad? Do you aspire to take courses toward your UC Davis major, general education requirements, for personal enrichment, or all of the above?
    - Do you speak any other languages? Are you interested in taking language courses abroad?
    - How long would you like to go abroad? Quarter, semester, or year?
    - When would you like to go abroad? Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring?
    - Are you comfortable taking classes immersed in a foreign university, or would you prefer to stick with a group of UC students?
    - Would you like the UCEAP program you select to have an internship component?

    Personal Factors 
    The "Build Your Study Abroad" Search on the UCEAP website is a very helpful way of narrowing down your options. You can select as many or as few countries and subject areas as you want, your preferred language, time frame, and course level.

    Once you’ve done the initial search, be sure to review the program eligibility requirements. (Class standing requirements signify the number of units you will need to have completed by the program's start. Minimum requirements vary, but are either sophomore class standing, 45 units completed, junior class standing, 90 units completed, or senior class standing, 135 units completed).
  • On the UCEAP website, are “Fall”, “Spring” and “Year” the same as UC Davis dates?
  • Not necessarily. Pay close attention to the program calendar on the overview page of each program. Because most foreign universities run on a semester system, “Fall” and “Spring” don’t just mean fall and spring quarter here at Davis.

    Fall” usually means a semester that starts in mid-August and ends in December, so you will be absent for fall quarter at UC Davis and return in time for winter quarter.

    Spring” usually means a semester that starts in January or mid-February and ends sometime in May or June. You will usually miss winter and spring quarters at UC Davis.

    This is not true for every program, so look at the calendar. Important exceptions include several programs in Spain, Germany, Taiwan and Japan, amongst others.
  • Does UCEAP have summer programs?
  • Yes, they do! The easiest way to find them all in one place is to select the ‘Summer” button on the "Build Your Study Abroad" tool.

    Summer programs can range from an international summer school with many course options available to programs with pre-set course offerings. Intensive language, internship and laboratory research programs are also available.

    Make sure to not the duration of the program, as UCEAP Summer programs can oftentimes run longer in length (6-9 weeks) than UC Davis Summer Abroad programs (4 weeks). They also offer variable number of units, whereas all UC Davis Summer Abroad programs offer 8 units (except the internships, for 6).
  • Can I intern, volunteer, or do lab research with UCEAP?
  • Every program has different parameters for these opportunities.

    Some UCEAP programs revolve around a required internship, research, or volunteer opportunity. Others have the option of adding these elements on top of your coursework. Oftentimes you need to take your own initiative to find an internship in the local community in the same way you would here at UC Davis. In some locations (eg. Chile, Mexico or Shanghai), the study center can help set you up with an internship or volunteer opportunity.

    Many programs have an “Internships” tab on their main Overview page. Make sure to look here to learn about what is available. If you do not see one, check the bottom of your Courses & Credit tab to see if it is possible for you to do an internship on the program.
  • How do I know the exact dates of my program?
  • Most UCEAP programs are based around the calendars of foreign universities. As you must apply to programs so far in advance, oftentimes the official calendars are not yet posted.

    To get a good idea of what the program dates will be, go to the link, “Pre-departure Checklists, Calendars and Budgets” on the right hand side of the program overview page. Follow the link to the program you’re interested in for the last term your program ran, and go to the "Calendars" tab. Keep in mind that these dates are from a previous cycle, and are subject to change. However, they can give you a helpful guide on the program dates in a much more specific manner than the main overview page. 

    You can expect your program calendar to be uploaded a few months before the program start date (well after the application period). For those that have enrolled do not purchase a flight until your official program calendar is posted.  
  • What is an ILP? How about a pre-ILP?
  • ILP stands for “Intensive Language Program”. You will find this option for programs where you will be taking coursework in foreign languages. This is language-intensive training to strengthen your language ability before entering into a university classroom. Students have reported local professors can have regional accents, speak quickly, or use local jargon, all of which can pose a challenge to non-native speakers. The ILP will prepare you for this. 

    Most ILPs are mandatory, but some programs have optional ILPs. In these circumstances, UC Davis Study Abroad strongly encourages you to attend these ILPs. They are not only very helpful but also provide a framework of support with other UC friends, and a time to familiarize yourself with your host country before starting classes at your university.

    An optional pre-ILP exists in some countries (eg. Spain) for students that don’t quite meet the language requirement (but are close), or really want a lot more practice to strengthen their language skills. It will bring them up to speed with the other students in time for the ILP.

Academic Questions

  • How do I get major or minor credit on UCEAP?
  • The information below should provide you with guidelines. Visit the Academics page for more information and feel free to drop by the UC Davis Study Abroad office if you are unclear about this process.

    Before Departure
    Every UCEAP program has different types of course offerings; some have limited options or are pre-set for you, but most programs allow you to select from a wide variety of courses offered by the host university.

    At the time of application, it is not always possible to tell exactly what courses will be offered the following academic year. You should use the current course listings on the host university website, as well as descriptions of past courses taken in the MyEAP Course Catalog,  to determine if this university has sufficient offerings in your subject area. Reference the “Courses and Credit” tab on your program overview page for resources on identifying courses.

    Academic Planning Form:
    As part of your UCEAP application, you will be asked to fill out an Academic Planning Form (APF). This form is an opportunity for you to discuss the courses you plan to take abroad with your major/minor advisor.

    The Academic Planning Form is not a course registration form; it is simply a tool to help you explore with your major advisor the types of courses you should be looking for when the time comes to register for your courses abroad. If you want to discuss credit related to your major, have your major advisor review the courses and sign the form. If you want to discuss credit to your minor, have your minor advisor review and sign it.

    At the time you are required to register for classes (this can be anywhere from a month before departure to a week after your arrival), you should also be in touch with your academic advisor at that time. If a course you planned to take isn’t offered, or you see another course available you’d prefer, you should contact your advisor via email for some feedback on whether or not that new course might suffice.

    While Abroad
    Make sure you save ALL of your syllabi and coursework from abroad. If you are registering for courses after departure, see the above paragraph regarding course registration.

    Upon Return
    Upon return, grades can take up to 90 days to transfer back. You will see the courses listed on your UC Davis transcript and your corresponding UC grades at that time. To secure major or minor credit, you should take the syllabus and coursework of the completed class to your department advisor and proceed with their process of obtaining credit.

    UC Davis Study Abroad recommends saving all your coursework, written assignments, syllabi, and textbooks or reading lists to present to your department upon return. These assignments oftentimes must be translated if you wish to receive credit.
  • How do I get GE credit on UCEAP?
  • GE credit is not guaranteed, and cannot be pre-approved. Upon return from your program, you must petition through the UC Davis Study Abroad office. UC Davis Study Abroad recommends you show course descriptions to your dean’s office prior to departure for advice on what may or may not be successfully approved. However, it is important to note that this is not the pre-approval, and is only advice to help you choose courses with the best chances of approval.

    During the petition process, you will need the course description, syllabus, and completed coursework, in addition to the completed petition. If you are looking for writing credit, the instructor abroad must sign the 2nd page of the petition.

    To begin the petition process, or to see a list of pre-approved courses from previous years, see the GE Credit page in the Academics section under the resources tab on the UC Davis Study Abroad website.
  • How and when do I register for my classes abroad?
  • For every program, registering for classes will happen differently. Most programs, you will register for classes anywhere from one month before departure (online) to a week after arrival (on campus during orientation week).

    The System-wide office in Goleta will be in touch with you via email regarding registering for courses when the time comes.
  • Can I take classes Pass/No pass on UCEAP?
  • Pass/No Pass options vary depending on your program. Please refer to the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad for more information. However, if you are hoping to get credit within your department, you must be aware of their rules. Do not take a class P/NP if your department or Dean’s office requires the course to be taken for a letter grade.
    Also remember that the P/NP option must be noted on the Study List at the time of enrollment or petitioned during the normal petition period. However, the P/NP is not allowed for:
    - Intensive Language Program (ILP) courses, unless the courses are offered on the P/NP basis only
    - Special study courses (independent study, research, or internships) when the particular program requires a letter grade
    - The language instruction portion of short-term language and culture programs.                                                                       
    - See the UCEAP Guide to Study Abroad for more information.
  • Do the classes I take abroad affect my UC GPA?
  • Yes. Courses taken abroad will be listed on your UC Davis transcript and factored into your UC GPA.

    If you fail a class abroad, it will show up on your UC Davis transcript. Oftentimes, you will not be able to retake the course here at Davis because the same course is not offered.

Financial Questions

  • How do I find my program’s budget?
  • Specific budgets for a program are oftentimes not posted until after the initial enrollment period. To get a good idea of the costs and what to anticipate, click on the “pre departure checklists, calendars and budgets” tab on the right hand side of the overview page. Follow the link to this current year’s program, not the following year.

    Under “Money Matters,” you’ll find a link to a PDF that has the budget for your program as offered this current year. You should use that as your program budget, making sure to add in Miscellaneous Campus Fees via the linked worksheet (as well as Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition and Graduate/Professional Student Fees if you are an international or graduate student respectively) It is also wise to add about 10% on top to account for inflation to be safe.

    You will be notified by email when your updated program budget has been posted.
  • Does Financial Aid go with me on UCEAP? How do I apply for it?
  • Financial aid does go with you. However, it may look different depending on what program you choose. Your package may expand if the program is more expensive than your time at UC Davis; it may be reduced during your time abroad if your program is less expensive than being at UC Davis.

    Once you decide on a program, print out the budget (file pathway described in the question above) and meet with a financial aid officer at UC Davis Study Abroad or the Financial Aid office. There is no additional application you need to fill out for Financial Aid; UC Davis Study Abroad will be in touch with the financial aid office about participating students and their programs, and you will be packaged accordingly. Visit Financial Aid for more information, and use "contact an expert" if you would like to contact an adviser directly.
  • Are there scholarships available?
  • Yes. Check the Scholarships tab on the UCEAP website and the Scholarships & Awards Tab on the UC Davis Study Abroad website. Make sure you also check with your academic department, as some departments offer scholarships for their students. Be aware, most scholarship deadlines are early! 
  • Are there any fees and payments that I should know about?
  • UCEAP fees vary by program. For specific budget/payment instructions, please see the instructions on how to find your budget under the question “How do I find my program’s budget?”  

Enrollment Questions

  • How do I apply for a program?
  • Once you have decided on a program you would like to apply for, you should visit the ‘Apply’ link on the UCEAP website and make your MyEAP account.

    After submitting on MyEAP link, make sure to click on the UC Davis Horizons link that will be provided in the ‘Instructions’ tab on the MyEAP application. From there, log in or create your profile in Horizons and fill out that campus application.

    Be aware the application requires you to turn in physical documents to our office, not just hit “submit” after you’ve completed the online portion. We must have the physical documents in our office by the deadline in order for you to be eligible.
  • How do I find the application deadlines for the program? I don’t see them on the UCEAP website.
  • UCEAP deadlines vary by campus so you will find them on the campus website. Visit the Deadlines tab of the UC Davis Study Abroad Website to find your program deadline. Be aware, program deadlines are much earlier than UC Davis Summer and Quarter abroad, sometimes up to a year in advance.
  • Is the application just online or do I need to turn in anything to the UC Davis Study Abroad Office?
  • If you finish your online applications and hit “Submit,” and "submit your enrollment" for both MyEAP and Horizons, you have not finished applying to the program. You need to collect the documents on your application checklist and turn them into UC Davis Study Abroad by the program deadline. Once we receive the physical documents in our office, your application is complete. Be sure to read the section "Instructions for UC Davis Students" on your  MyEAP online application instructions to clarify what needs to be turned in.
  • I’m not planning to get major credit while abroad. Do I still have to meet with my major advisor to apply to the program?
  • Yes. Every student must complete the Academic Planning Form which is signed by your major advisor. While you may not anticipate getting major credit, UC Davis Study Abroad wants to make sure students know what classes they might be missing while abroad, and if there is anything they need to do before or after their time abroad when it comes to rearranging their academic schedule. This is true for minors as well. 
  • Where can I get an official transcript? Am I allowed to open it?
  • You can get an official transcript from the Registrar’s office, in the basement of Mrak Hall. The envelope will say “unofficial if opened”; go ahead and open it, as you will likely need to make photocopies for your application.
  • Where can I get a passport?
  • The ARC Business Center has passport services. You can also apply for a passport through the Department of State Passport Services. If you are even considering studying abroad, it’s best to get your passport as soon as possible. Most programs require a photocopy of your passport as part of the application, and passports can take a couple months to process.

    If you don’t currently have a passport at the time of application, UC Davis Study Abroad will accept a photocopy of the receipt that shows you applied for a passport. 
  • I don’t meet the GPA requirement for the program. Can I still apply?
  • No, you are not eligible for the program so your application will not be selected. If you feel you deserve special consideration based on specific circumstances, contact your UC Davis country advisor before the program deadline to inquire if a waiver could arranged for you.
  • I missed the application deadline for my program. Can I still apply?
  • UC Davis Study Abroad generally does not accept applications after the program deadline. However, if you would like to apply to a program and realize the deadline has passed, you may ask and UC Davis Study Abroad will let you know on a case-by-case basis whether or not we can accept late applications. You will be required to meet with a program advisor if this is the case.
  • Does my application require a statement of purpose or Letter of Recommendation?
  • Application requirements will vary between programs. Please follow the requirements on the Instructions Tab of your MyEAP online application.

    Here are some tools, if your application requires these additional documents:

    Tips for Requesting a Letter of Recommendation
    Guidelines for UCEAP Application Essay/ Statement of Purpose


Post-Enrollment Questions

  • I applied over a month ago and still haven’t heard anything. When can I expect to hear back?
  • All students should receive a notification email From UC Davis Study Abroad within four weeks of their program application deadline. If you turned in your application before the application deadline, more time may elapse before hearing from us. Feel free to contact eapassistant@ucdavis.edu if you have any questions about the status of your application.
  • What do I need to turn into UC Study Abroad and what do I need to turn into the UCEAP Systemwide office in Goleta?
  • If selected, you will receive a Notification Email from the UC Davis Study Abroad office. This email will contain checklist items, their deadlines, and their required mode of submission.

    Shortly afterward, you will receive a Welcome email from the UCEAP System-wide office in Goleta. From then you will periodically receive emails from the UCEAP system-wide office, including one with a link to your Pre-Departure Checklist. Each item on these checklists will list whom/where each specific items must be turned in. Many of these items will need to be mailed directly to the UCEAP System-wide office in Goleta, not turned into UC Davis Study Abroad.
  • How do I apply for a visa?
  • Instructions will be listed on your Pre-Departure Checklist on the UCEAP website. If you have any questions in applying for the visa, email your Program Advisor at the UCEAP Systemwide office in Goleta. Do not email your regional advisor at UC Davis

    Study Abroad; UC Davis Study Abroad does not advise for the visa process.

    Many visas may require an official acceptance letter from your host institution abroad in order to apply for your passport. If this is the case, these letters will be mailed to UC Davis Study Abroad and you will be notified when they arrive so you can pick them up.
  • When can I buy my flight?
  • Do not purchase your flight until your official program calendar is posted and you are notified to do so by your Program Advisor at UCEAP.
  • Will I get a pre-departure orientation?
  • Yes. Students leaving for winter, fall, or year-long programs will have a pre-departure orientation in late April or early May. Spring and southern-hemisphere Year students will have an orientation in late October or November.

    The Pre-Departure Orientation is an opportunity for you to meet other students in your program and hear from returnees who did the program, along with an overview of important logistic and cross-cultural information. You are required to attend and if you have a conflict, let eapassistant@ucdavis.edu know right away.
  • How do I find out about other students participating in my program?
  • After you’re selected for participation, you will be required to fill out a form asking if you would like your information to be shared with other students in your program. If you mark ‘Yes’ at this time, you will be put in touch with other students who applied to programs in your country who also marked ‘Yes’ on this form.

    If you mark ‘no’, your information will not be shared and you will have the opportunity to meet the other program participants at the pre-departure orientation.
  • My PASS Time is coming up on SISWEB for next quarter but I will be abroad. Do I register for classes even though I will be abroad?
  • No, do not register for classes. We know it feels scary, but just let the PASS time go by. You will be coded for study abroad at the registrar’s office before you depart, and it will cause confusion and delays if your record shows you registered for classes during the time you will be abroad.

    While abroad, however, when your PASS time comes up for the quarter you’ll be returning to Davis, make sure you register.
  • I am no longer able to go on my program. How do I withdraw?
  • If you no longer plan to study abroad, you must email your UC Davis Study Abroad country advisor as soon as possible. You must meet with your advisor and fill out a cancellation form in person in order to successfully withdraw. This is the only pathway for program withdrawal, and failure to turn in required documents or communicate your desire to withdraw will not exempt you from withdrawal fee penalties.

    Programs have withdrawal deadlines of April 1st, May 1st or November 1st. Failure to withdraw before these dates will result in a $500 withdrawal fee and sometimes additional program-specific fees.