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The Politics of Global Inequality

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Jeannette Money

Political Science

I will teach the course on global inequality (POL 124) this summer in Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva is an international city and is the home of many organizations that work to help developing nations provide better lives for their citizens. Issues of poverty and inequality drive many of the problems confronting all countries today, including international migration, ethnic conflict and global terrorism. For those interested in working to help stem those problems, this is an important experience, both in understanding the sources and solutions of the problems and in networking with organizations that offer future employment. Geneva is also a beautiful city on the edge of Lac Léman, surrounded by the Alps, providing an opportunity for outdoor activities and expanding your cultural knowledge of Europe. I have a long acquaintance with Europe, having spent two years as a child in France, returning frequently for research and travel. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of Europe with students.

A Message to Students and Parents

I have been teaching this summer abroad course in Geneva since 2009.  I developed the course because I think it is imperative for every university student to live outside the United States and learn about other cultures. The course is located in Geneva because this is home to many international organizations.  The course provides an opportunity for students to explore the nexus between development issues and international organizations that generate policy prescriptions and fund development projects.  We also interact with the private sector, which is an important actor in economic development, and with non-governmental organizations.  Students have an opportunity to learn what these organizations do, their strengths and their weaknesses.  It also presents students with the opportunity to meet with professionals and develop professional networks.  The coursework overlaps with my own research on international migration and the associated international organizations in Geneva – the International Office for Migration (IOM) and the International Labour Organization (ILO).