Study Abroad Programs

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There are many study abroad options available to you as a UC Davis student. Here are some criteria to consider before selecting a program type:

  • Academic coursework available
  • GPA and language requirements
  • Program cost and available financial aid
  • Length of program
  • Language
  • Location

Below is a summary of the different categories of study abroad programs available to students:

UC Davis Quarter Abroad

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UC Davis Study Abroad programs are designed by UC Davis faculty for UC Davis students. They give students the opportunity to study abroad in a program that fits right into the quarter system while taking UC classes. In addition all of our programs include field trips, excursions, and events that better introduce participants to the country they are visiting. Learn more about UC Davis Quarter Abroad.

UC Davis Summer Abroad

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UC Davis Summer Abroad programs offer students short, but intense, academic courses that are complemented with a wealth of cultural activities. Courses are structured in such a way that students gain knowledge not only in the classroom, but also from experiential learning that takes advantage of the program's location. All Summer Abroad programs are built around UC Davis courses and are led by UC Davis faculty. Many provide opportunities for students to visit non-English speaking countries while doing their coursework in English. Learn more about UC Davis Summer Abroad.

UC Davis Internships Abroad 

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Internships Abroad provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in diverse fields at locations around the globe. Conveniently offered during the summer, the internships are a great opportunity to get a leg-up in the job market and to enhance applications to professional schools. During the internship, UC Davis faculty work with students online to help them get the most out of their experience. Students earn UC Davis credits and are supported 24/7 on-site by trusted program providers. Program lengths vary from 4 to 8 weeks. Placement options subject to change. Learn more about UC Davis Internships Abroad.

UC Davis Seminars Abroad

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UC Davis Seminars Abroad are focused learning opportunities typically offered in September, June or during winter break. UC Davis faculty lead students through UC Davis courses enhanced by field trips, onsite projects and group activities. Programs may be a stand-alone course or an onsite component for a course taught during the regular term on campus. Programs run from 10 days to 3 weeks and students receive 2-6 UC Davis units. Learn more about UC Davis Seminars Abroad.

USA Study Programs

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USA Study Programs are just like our other programs—UC Davis courses taught in the field by UC Davis faculty—but the location is the US. The focus is on intercultural topics in an American setting, bringing home the point that intercultural skills are as relevant in the US as they are overseas. Programs may be of special interest to American students who wish to explore intercultural topics closer to home, and to international students who want to explore the US, while receiving credits that satisfy major, minor and GE requirements, and without the need to get a passport or visa. Learn more about USA Study Programs.

UC Davis Exchanges

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UC Davis Exchanges are department-based undergraduate exchanges that leverage new or pre-existing working/research relationships among faculty to promote student mobility between institutions. Learn more about UC Davis Exchanges.

Service Learning and Volunteering Abroad

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Service-Learning integrates responsible community service with critical reflection and meaningful civic engagement. Learn more about Service Learning and Volunteering Abroad.

UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) 

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UCEAP is the only study abroad provider representing the entire University of California system. Our UC-approved programs offer UC credit, grades and financial aid. Through immersive language study, educational trips, internships and research, we invite students to explore new cultures, gain valuable professional training, and become globally conscious and involved. Learn more about UCEAP.

Independent Study Abroad 

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Independent Study Abroad is for students who cannot find a suitable program within the UC portfolio of study abroad opportunities. Students can enroll in a study abroad program offered by another American or foreign university or third-party provider that best fits their needs. Learn more about Independent Study Abroad.