Leigh Cocanougher

UC Davis Study Abroad Staff Photo, Leigh Cocanougher

Position Title
Program Coordinator and Advisor

Study Abroad

1120 International Center
UC Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616

My experience in international education officially began during high school, when I visited the UK and several countries in Western Europe on a two-week class trip. This adventure became the springboard to a semester abroad experience in London a few years later when I was an undergrad at Centre College. Not only did my three-month London experience transform my academic life, but it shaped my career as well, inspiring me to join the study abroad team at Centre following my graduation. For seven years, I served as the study abroad assistant director, helping students and faculty during each stage of the abroad experience. During that time, I traveled abroad with students in Mexico and Cuba and assisted in their journeys to more than 30 other countries. Because each of my own international experiences inspired the next, I know firsthand how powerful and stimulating each and every study abroad journey can be. Once you’ve immersed yourself in another country—learning how others live, learn, communicate, travel, eat, commune, celebrate—you’ll want to discover these same things about countless other cultures as well. So get started early! Begin your lifetime of abroad adventures as soon as you’re able, and take advantage of the ways one program will motivate you to participate in another. Whatever program you’re looking for, be it your first abroad experience or your tenth, we are here to advise and guide you through the journey!