Virtual Global Learning

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Virtual internships, community engaged learning, and coursework widen your region of opportunity to the entire globe and allow you to connect with projects, resources, and people all over the world. Learn how to work and collaborate remotely, a skill that is becoming increasingly valuable in the modern working world.

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Work on projects for an international organization from the comfort of your chosen workspace while adding a global perspective to your professional work experience. Gain hands-on experience, expand your skill base, and build an international network.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningVirtual Global Community Engaged Learning Opportunities

Provide online services and support to an organization or community. Engage in meaningful work that addresses human and community needs, while developing skills and exchanging knowledge and culture.


Teaser Photo, Experiential LearningVirtual Global Learning Courses

Increase your global knowledge and skills by watching webinars and video lectures, taking online courses, completing online training programs, or engaging in virtual dialogues and discussions in the digital realm with people with shared interests.