Submit a Proposal

Teach abroad by leading a UC Davis Quarter Abroad, Summer Abroad or Seminars Abroad program, currently offered in over 25 countries around the world.  Quarter Abroad programs are typcially 10 weeks, Summer Abroad programs 4 weeks and Seminars Abroad, which take place between quarters, 2-3 weeks.

Programs are designed so that the natural and cultural resources available onsite complement course content.  Size of the programs range from 24 to 32 students.  Interested faculty should be familiar with the proposed program site, fluent in the local language, and have a faculty appointment or emeritus status.  Travel expenses and per diem are paid by Study Abroad.  Coordination stipends and source of instructional salary vary by program type, and are subject to campus policies.

You can also teach remotely while our students participate in Summer Abroad Internships, offered in several sites across the globe. Or you can pilot a new off-campus domestic study program--global learning experiences away from UC Davis but within the United States.

Interested in leading a program? Check out programs currently offered, read through the proposal packet and contact the Faculty Director, Aliki Dragona, to find out how you can change the lives of students.  New proposals are considered on an annual basis, with a call sent to faculty members each winter.  The deadline for proposals to be considered for 2016-17 (including Summer 2016), is April 27, 2015.  Depending on the program slate and development times, some meritorious proposals may be scheduled for 2017-18.

Faculty can also assist the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP).  On the system-wide level, faculty serve in administrative, advisory, consultative, program developmental and review roles.  Opportunities for service abroad include Study Center Directorships, Faculty Exchanges, and Visiting Professorships (UCEAP Faculty Abroad)

Off-campus Domestic Study

Off-campus domestic programs are learning experiences that take place away from UC Davis but within the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and the United States territory of Puerto Rico.  Study Abroad is especially interested in programs that focus on topics with a multi-cultural or international component and that may be of special interest to incoming international students, such as the immigrant experience, US politics/government/economics, agriculture/food science, Native American studies and American history/art/culture.  Programs may span 4 weeks or more in the summer or 2-3 weeks during the fall/winter intersession.  The source of instructional salary will vary. 

Summer Abroad Internships

Instruction is usually done remotely since students are placed in sites scattered around the globe.  Faculty may develop their own partnerships or work with an established provider through Study Abroad.  Study Abroad currently offers summer internships in the health sciences, business, and community engagement.  We are seeking proposals from faculty who could teach in the following tracks:  education, arts and humanities, veterinary medicine, animal science, and agriculture.  Instructor salary will be paid by Study Abroad. 

Seminars Abroad

Seminars Abroad are intensive 2-3 week overseas programs that occur before the start of fall quarter, during the fall/winter intersession, and immediately after spring quarter.  Program may include an on-campus or online component during the quarter.  Study Abroad is especiallly interested in programs that target particular student cohorts, such as international students, athletes, Honors, etc.  Subjects and locations are open for discussion.  Instructor salary will be paid by the faculty’s home department.

Summer Abroad

Summer Abroad programs are typically four weeks, include two four-unit courses and are taught in English. The program should include an upper-division core course as the key element and field trips or field study for which the students generally receive 4 units of 198 credit.  Courses must be regular offerings that are listed in the UC Davis General Catalog.  Instructor salary is paid by Study Abroad.

Quarter Abroad

In the Quarter Abroad model, the program usually has an overarching theme and/or is led by a single UC Davis department, which partners with institutions and providers in the program location.  Programs may offer anywhere from 12 to 26 units and may extend beyond the usual 10 week quarter schedule, if circumstances allow it.  The department receives student contact hours and, thus, faculty members continue to be paid their normal salaries by their home department.  Faculty with ties or long-term experience in the host location preferred.  Be advised that Quarter Abroad programs take longer to develop than other programs. 

Submitting Proposals

Faculty members should submit a proposal packet by the deadline listed above.  The proposal includes an outline of the rationale for offering the program and a description of the proposed location(s) and facilities.  A sample syllabus should be included along with a list of possible field trips and a brief description of the target student audience.  The most successful proposals include specific details about facilities, transportation and costs, on site activities, housing, etc.