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UC Davis Summer Abroad

UC Davis Quarter Abroad

UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

When comparing the cost of study abroad programs, there are many factors to consider such as tuition, housing and meals, daily expenses, and airfare. Tuition per unit for UC programs (UCEAP, Summer Abroad and Quarter Abroad) is typically the same as tuition at UC Davis; therefore, the “on the ground” costs for housing, included meals, and any field trips play the big financial factor in the equation of looking for a “low cost” program.  Also, it’s important to know how many meals are part of the total program cost (all or a few), if field trips are included, and any transportation costs between sites. 

UC Davis Summer Abroad

The UC Davis Summer Abroad programs listed below have fees totaling less than $5000. The $5,000 includes:

  • Program Fee – New, lower program fee for 2013!
  • Course Fee
  • UC Davis Summer Campus Fee
  • Accommodations and Services Abroad Fee / less than $1900

For a complete list of what is and is not included, please visit the program's "Fees" page.
There are many programs not listed here that may still be considered affordable.


Asia & South Asia


UC Davis Quarter Abroad

UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

Studying abroad on UCEAP can cost the same or less than staying in Davis. Because UC is a public institution and UCEAP interacts directly with campus Financial Aid offices, it is required to publish student budgets that are as realistic, accurate, and complete as possible with no hidden costs or surprises. In addition, if you compare the “per month” or “per unit” cost, some UCEAP semester or year-long programs can cost less than shorter programs.  

Featured Lower-Cost UCEAP Programs

*Students usually earn 1.5 times as many units for a 15-week semester as compared to a 10-week quarter.

**UC Davis Summer Sessions aid based on 2013 at $271/unit and cost of living. 

Other Considerations

Personal Expenses
You should also consider that your personal expenses will vary from program to program. For example, in some big cities everything from a taxi ride to a cup of coffee can be far more expensive than you are used to paying at home, while in other destinations your expenses will be a fraction of that.

Exchange Rates
In addition, the power of the dollar varies from location to location. Use www.oanda.com to see the current exchange rates for your destination(s). In many locations, the dollar is strong and daily lunch and dinner costs could total less than $10.

Financial Aid
For more information on financial aid, head over to the Financial Aid webpage or visit the UC Davis Financial Office at Dutton Hall with a printout of your selected study abroad program’s budget.  If you have a copy of your actual program’s budget and fees, the Financial Aid office representative should be able to give you a ballpark estimate on how much aid you might receive.