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More information about Financial Aid for Study Abroad can be found on the UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships website

Typically the financial aid that you receive on campus can be applied to study abroad, and your award may be adjusted to account for added program costs, such as airfare and local housing costs. 

General Points on Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Timelines for study abroad are such that your adjusted financial aid package may not be finalized until late in the process, so it is important to stay on top of things.  You should:

  • Inform yourself beforehand of all of the steps involved
  • Submit materials, including the FAFSA or Dream Act Application, on time and fully completed
  • Master the options and limits of aid in your particular case
  • Ask the Financial Aid Office informed questions
  • Follow up to ensure your aid is disbursed

Keep in mind that there are scholarships and travel awards that are specifically for study abroad, and the application process may be easier than you imagine.

If you are planning to study abroad during the summer, do not assume that your aid package will be the same as for the academic year. 

TIP: Print a copy of the program fee page and bring it with you to an advising appointment with a Financial Aid Officer.

Please note that there are special procedures and parameters that apply to financial aid for independent study abroad programs.

Even if you do not normally qualify for financial aid while on campus, you might qualify for aid for study abroad, depending on additional costs and your particular situation.

If you are depending on aid to pay for airfare, STA travel has a program which allows you to purchase tickets and defer most of the cost until the quarter/session begins. Usually you will get the best price if you purchase your tickets as soon as your program is confirmed.

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- Watch the following two-part PowerPoint Presentation, "Financial Aid & Scholarships for Study Abroad" with Soua Lo & Rosana Avila.  Part 1Part 2

Funding and Finances - FAQs

  • What’s the FAFSA and why do I need to fill it out?
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a report that determines your financial aid eligibility. If you receive aid during the school year, then that same report is valid for the summer. If you have never received aid before but would like to get loans, apply for the FAFSA. Keep in mind that you still need to fill out a SEPARATE Summer Financial Aid application.
  • What if I’m not eligible for financial aid? Do I still need to file a FAFSA or Summer Financial Aid Application on my home campus?
  • Keep in mind that loans are a part of financial aid. If you are interested in taking out a student loan to pay for your abroad experience, you will need a FAFSA on file and submit a SEPARATE Summer Aid application via your home campus Financial Aid office.
  • Are there any scholarships available?
  • Yes, check our website for updates on Awards and Scholarships. Some programs may have specific scholarships for that program alone.
  • How do I get financial aid for a summer program?
  • Summer Abroad
    You must fill out a separate Summer Financial Aid Application with the Financial Aid Office. Usually by mid-March, the Financial Aid Office will offer an online Summer Aid Estimator, in which you can input your program choice and see an estimate of the aid you may receive. This is an estimate and NOT a guarantee of aid, as aid is limited in the summer and given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. The actual Summer Aid Form becomes available in the first week in May and you must register for summer courses first in order to apply.

    UC Education Abroad Programs (UCEAP)
    You do not need to complete the Summer Financial Aid Application if you are going abroad in the summer through UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP).
  • How much aid will I get for the program?
  • Please visit the UC Davis Financial Aid Office’s Study Abroad section to understand how financial aid works for the various types of study abroad programs (UC Davis Quarter Abroad, UC Davis Summer Abroad, UCEAP, and independent study abroad).
  • What if my program costs a lot more than it would to stay here for summer sessions?
  • Financial aid will increase your budget to the cost of your program, increasing your eligibility for aid, which can come in the form of grants and/or loans. Keep in mind that an increase in eligibility does not automatically guarantee you aid for your program. Summer financial aid is severely limited and is given on a first come, first serve basis. It is also determined based on how much of your loan you took out during the school year.
  • Where do I go to view my financial aid offer?
  • Go to your MyAwards. For the aid year, select the current school year. Make sure to accept your loans and submit all required documents in as soon as possible to ensure on-time disbursement.
  • What if I don’t go to UC Davis?
  • All UC campuses are now offering financial aid for UC Summer Session activities. Students should consult with their home institution about financial aid eligibility and deadlines.