Financial Aid

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Typically the financial aid that you receive on campus can be applied to study abroad, and your award may be adjusted to account for added program costs, such as airfare and local housing costs. 

General Points on Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Timelines for study abroad are such that your adjusted financial aid package may not be finalized until late in the process, so it is important to stay on top of things.  You should:

  • Inform yourself beforehand of all of the steps involved
  • Submit materials, including the FAFSA, on time and fully completed
  • Master the options and limits of aid in your particular case
  • Ask the Financial Aid Office informed questions
  • Follow up to ensure your aid is disbursed

Keep in mind that there are scholarships and travel awards that are specifically for study abroad, and the application process may be easier than you imagine.

If you are planning to study abroad during the summer, do not assume that your aid package will be the same as for the academic year. 

TIP: Print a copy of the program fee page and bring it with you to an advising appointment with a Financial Aid Officer.

Please note that there are special procedures and parameters that apply to financial aid for independent study abroad programs.

Even if you do not normally qualify for financial aid while on campus, you might qualify for aid for study abroad, depending on additional costs and your particular situation.

If you are depending on aid to pay for airfare, STA travel has a program which allows you to purchase tickets and defer most of the cost until the quarter/session begins. Usually you will get the best price if you purchase your tickets as soon as your program is confirmed.