General Education (GE) Credit

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Credit for GE Requirements

You can fulfill General Education (GE) requirements on study abroad programs. In conjunction with campus departments and colleges, UC Davis Study Abroad collects information regarding study abroad credit towards GE requirements.

For students going on UC Davis Summer Abroad, UC Davis Summer InternshipsUC Davis Quarter Abroad, and UC Davis Seminars Abroad, your classes will fulfill graduation, major, and/or GE requirements, as listed in the UC Davis General Catalog.

For students going on an UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), you will receive UC credit for all your coursework abroad (this is not transfer credit). UCEAP course numbers, titles and units will appear on your UC Davis transcript after UCEAP posts the grades, but UCEAP course numbers are not equivalent to UC Davis course numbers. If you plan on taking GEs while abroad on UCEAP, you will need to petition for GE credit with the UC Davis Academic Senate Committee on International Education (details below) when you return. You will need to consider whether the content of the courses abroad are likely to satisfy the content areas of the GE requirement.  While your Dean's office advisor cannot pre-approve GE courses taken on UCEAP, they can help you learn more about what types of courses are more or less likely to satisfy these requirements. You should meet with your advisor before going abroad.

GE Petition Procedure for UCEAP Returnees

You will need to petition for GE credit through UC Davis Study Abroad and finish the process at your college Dean’s Office. UC Davis Study Abroad will receive your petition and submit it to the UC Davis Academic Senate Committee on International Education (CIE)—the faculty body vested with the authority to review and grant UC Davis General Education credit for UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) courses taken at an overseas university.

  • Review the UC Davis guidelines (PDF) of GE requirements; restrictions placed on UC Davis courses apply to all courses taken abroad
  • Consult the list of UCEAP courses already reviewed and approved for GE credit. If your course is on this list, you still need to work with your Dean's office advisor to let them know that this course has been approved for GE credit, and that you are requesting GE credit for the course in your degree check. Simply take a screenshot of this spreadsheet to your Dean's office and work with them.
  • If your course is not on this list above and you need the GE credit, you will need to petition for approval via the Study Abroad GE Petition process below.
  • For the Writing Experience - Essays must be written in English. You must also provide a copy of the written work with the professor's remarks on it or have the second page of the GE petition signed by the professor before leaving the country.
  • GE petitions for Domestic Diversity MUST include substantial coverage and material on U.S. Domestic Diversity, not the country where you are studying, or elsewhere in the world.  Even if U.S. is mentioned in the course description, it is unlikely that a UCEAP course taken abroad will satisfy this requirement.
  • GE courses can only count for your degree if they are taken for a letter grade

To start the petition process, complete and submit the UC Davis Study Abroad GE Petition along with the following documents:

  • Print the one-page EAP course description for each course you plan to petition by visiting the UCEAP Course Catalog, and
  • Copy or print your syllabus for the class and translate the syllabus/i (if in a foreign language)
  • Forms submitted to the front desk of the UC Davis Study Abroad office without the UCEAP course description and syllabus will not be processed. If there is not UCEAP course description in the UCEAP catalog because no past UC students took that class, please state that reason on your form.
  • Graduating Seniors are urged to consider satisfying all outstanding GE requirements, as petitions can take time to be reviewed, and are not guaranteed to be returned in time to meet graduation degree requirements checks.
  • Students going on independent study abroad leave will need to consult their College Dean's office prior to departure and upon return to petition coursework for a GE satisfaction.

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