Transfer Student FAQs

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Are you a transfer student interested in studying abroad, but worried that it’s just not feasible? Don’t worry! Studying abroad is definitely a possibility, no matter your age, major, marital status or financial situation. The most important thing to realize is that you must start planning now. Summer financial aid may be available to incoming transfer students.

To be eligible for study abroad programs, students must:

  • Meet the designated GPA requirement at the time of application (and maintain it through departure)
  • Meet any designated class level requirements
  • Meet any designated language requirements

As a UC Davis student you can:

  • Earn UC or UC Davis credit (depending on the program if it’s offered by UC, UCD or another institution*)
  • Maintain eligibility for financial aid (unless it’s offered by a provider) outside the UC system, but it some cases, it can still be a possibility)
  • Take courses to fulfill language requirements, gain marketable skills, increase cross-cultural awareness, or for personal interest
  • Take courses in your major, minor or to fulfill other requirements (Note: All UC Davis Study Abroad programs can help fulfill requirements for the Global and International Studies Minor)

Transfer Student FAQs

  • How do I study abroad on UC Davis Summer Abroad program as a Transfer Student?
  • UC Davis Summer Abroad is a particularly appealing option for transfer students that are transferring into UC Davis or have just recently arrived at UC Davis. Summer Abroad programs are a great way to satisfy GE and major requirements as they offer 8 units in only 4 weeks and consist of actual UC Davis courses taught by UC Davis faculty. Summer Abroad applications are generally due early Spring Quarter before the summer that will be spent abroad. In order to participate in Summer Abroad, students need to have completed 15 accredited college units, have a GPA of 2.0 or higher, and be in good disciplinary standing. To learn more about Summer Abroad options and deadlines, stop in at the UC Davis Study Abroad office, or send an email
  • Can I participate in a Summer Abroad or Summer Internship program before I start in the fall?
  • Yes! Transfer students interested in participating in UC Davis Summer Abroad or UC Davis Summer Internships the summer prior to beginning at UC Davis will apply to UC Davis and Summer Abroad concurrently. Summer Financial Aid may be available for transfer student admitted for fall quarter. 
  • How do I study abroad on a UC Davis Summer Abroad Internship program as a Transfer Student?
  • UC Davis Summer Abroad Internships is a great option for students looking to gain first-hand knowledge and experience in one of our six internship tracks over the summer: Agriculture and Veterinary Science, Business and Communication, Education, Engineering and Computer Science, Global Health, and Psychology. Programs are 5-8 weeks and consist of 30-35 hours of internship per week. Additionally, students take an online class (taught by UC Davis faculty) intended as a forum to connect the work students do at their internship to its broader social and cultural context. There is a supplementary internship application following successful UC Davis Study Abroad enrollment. These placements are customized according to student’s experiences, career goals, interests, and skills. Transfer students interested in participating in a Summer Abroad Internship the summer prior to beginning at UC Davis will apply to UC Davis and Summer Abroad Internships concurrently. Note that Summer Financial Aid may be available for transfer student admitted for fall quarter. To learn more about Summer Abroad Internship options and deadlines, stop in at the UC Davis Study Abroad office, or send an email to:
  • How do I study abroad on UC Davis Quarter Abroad program as a Transfer Student?
  • UC Davis Quarter Abroad, similar to Summer Abroad, consists of UC Davis courses taught by UC Davis instructors, in another country. The minimum requirements for Quarter Abroad programs are that the student maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA and be in good academic standing. Transfer students may learn more about Quarter Abroad programs by stopping by UC Davis Study Abroad, or by emailing In order to participate in Quarter Abroad, you must be registered as a UC Davis student for the quarter in which you will be abroad. The application is online, and admission is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students transferring to UC Davis must make sure to be aware of and meet all application deadlines!
  • How do I Study Abroad on UCEAP as a Transfer Student?
  • Please check out the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) website. A great way to learn how to go about beginning your application and learning the logistics of going abroad on UCEAP is by coming into the office to speak with one of our enrollment advisors before beginning the application process. Drop in appointments are available Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm just stop by the office or email us at: Remember, transfer students are encouraged to study abroad regardless of major, class standing, or foreign language experience. Transfer students need to pay special attention to application deadlines, particularly if they intend on spending their first term at UC Davis abroad.
  • Can I spend my first quarter as a UC Davis student abroad?
  • Yes! Transfer students may be eligible to study abroad their first quarter, as long as they make sure to follow all existing deadlines for applications and paperwork. That is why it is important to start planning your study abroad experience as soon as possible. Be sure to keep in mind that transfer students must provide proof of acceptance to UC Davis before being accepted into Quarter Abroad and UCEAP programs.
  • Can I study abroad and still graduate on time?
  • Yes! You will receive UC credit for all the classes you take while on Quarter Abroad, Summer Abroad or UCEAP. It’s important to stay in close contact with an Academic Counselor and your major advisor while choosing courses. Make sure to retain all transcripts and work completed while studying on UCEAP so as to assist your advisors in translating your courses from the host university. Credits from abroad may help satisfy major, minor, general education, and/or language-proficiency requirements.
  • Can I participate on a study abroad program with my family?
  • We have had students of all ages as well as students with spouses and/or children participate in our programs. Many programs allow children to accompany the student parent. Some children can be enrolled in school during that time abroad, even if only for one quarter; parents may take their children and enroll them in a language program. We have also had a grandparent join the student family abroad and provide childcare!