Grad Student FAQs

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  • Can I participate on a UC Davis Quarter Abroad program as a Graduate student?
  • UC Davis Quarter Abroad accepts graduate students on a case-by-case basis. Interested students must meet with the faculty leader for the Quarter Abroad program and get approval to participate. In addition, graduate students must get approval from their department, since Quarter Abroad offers only undergraduate classes, which may be outside of graduate program requirements.

    If you are interested in enrolling, meet with a Quarter Abroad program coordinator as soon as possible.
  • Can I participate on a UC Davis Summer Abroad program as a Graduate Student?
  • Yes. Some UC Davis Summer Abroad programs can be taken for graduate credit- either through a graduate credit option already listed for the program or by request. Graduate students who have been working closely with faculty who teach abroad often receive graduate credit for participating in one of the Summer Abroad programs.

    If you are interested in enrolling, meet with a Summer Abroad program coordinator as soon as possible.
  • I am a graduate student at another university, can I still enroll in a UC Davis Summer Abroad program?
  • Non-UC Davis graduate students are eligible to enroll.
  • Am I eligible to study abroad on a UCEAP program?
  • You must meet UCEAP minimum requirements, have completed at least one year of graduate work, and have the support of your academic department and graduate advisor or dissertation committee chair.

    UCEAP has few academic regulations concerning graduate students. Consequently, students generally follow their departments' or advisors' instructions about the minimum number of credit units and the mix of courses taken, research plans and activities, and the availability of the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading option, as noted on the academic graduate planning form in the UCEAP application. As part of the UCEAP application, you must submit a proposal explaining what work you wish to accomplish while abroad.
  • How long can I go on a UCEAP program?
  • As a graduate student, you can be accommodated at many UCEAP-affiliated host universities for up to one year.
  • What can I study on UCEAP?
  • For some MA, MS, and pre-candidacy PhD students, UCEAP offers graduate-level coursework in your discipline or related ones, the possibility to develop your foreign language skills, and opportunities for independent research or internships. You must be enrolled in one or more courses for UC credit. If you enroll in independent study or research while on UCEAP, you must, with the assistance of the Study Center abroad, be appropriately supervised by some faculty member(s) of the host institution.
  • What are the advantages of studying abroad on UCEAP as a Graduate Student?
  • Participation in UCEAP has advantages for graduate students, including:

    - Eligibility for financial aid

    - Inexpensive health and accident insurance

    - Assistance in securing suitable housing at a reasonable cost 

    - Participation (when appropriate) in intensive language program courses offered for UC at some Study Centers 

    - Availability of academic advising 

    - Assistance in establishing relationships with host university professors 

    - Securing UC recognition of courses taken and grades and units earned (must be approved by the home campus department and graduate division)

  • How many credits must I take on UCEAP?
  • The minimum load to qualify for UC full-time status as a graduate student depends on your home campus requirements and may range from 4 to 12 units per quarter (12 to 36 units per year). In some instances these general guidelines will be waived with the approval of your UC departmental advisor.
  • How do I receive credit on a UCEAP program?
  • Your credit and grades are recorded through UCEAP, not the home campus. In addition to host university registration, you must complete an UCEAP Registration Study List to receive UC credit for your work.
  • How do I get a UCEAP study abroad experience approved?
  • After reading the Graduate Information Sheet, but prior to completing all other application forms and materials, you must complete and submit a Graduate Preliminary Inquiry Form to the Campus UCEAP Office. The Graduate Preliminary Inquiry Form should contain a concise but complete statement of the intentions of the applicant in applying for academic study under UCEAP. Following the approval of the Graduate Preliminary Inquiry Form, and as part of the remaining process of selection and pre-departure preparation, you and your advisor will be expected to complete and submit an UCEAP Graduate or Professional Student Agreement.