Academic FAQs

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  • How can I meet with a study abroad advisor?
  • You should first talk with a Peer Advisor at the Study Abroad office. After that, if you still have questions, you can schedule an appointment to meet with a Program Coordinator.
  • What courses can I take while on a study abroad program?
  • If you plan carefully, no matter what your major, you can enroll in courses on a study abroad program that will fit your degree requirements here at UC Davis. After being fully enrolled in a program you will work with your academic advisors to carefully plan what courses you should take while abroad to maintain your progress toward degree completion requirements. Depending on the study abroad program, you can enroll in courses in your major or minor, or in courses that will apply toward the completion of elective, language, or general education requirements.
  • Are there specific programs designed for my major?
  • Yes, there are many programs designed for various majors. UC Davis Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad Internships, Quarter Abroad, Seminars Abroad, and USA Study Programs offer coursework by UC Davis campus departments and are subject-focused. UCEAP also has specific programs that have set coursework (UCEAP Special Focus Program) and/or are an immersion program for a certain discipline. Study abroad in your major!
  • Do I have to speak a foreign language to study abroad?
  • No. Many of the programs offered through the UC system do not require a language. For other study abroad programs offered by non-UC providers, consult the program's description.
  • Will I graduate on time if I study abroad?
  • Yes. Creating an academic plan with your major advisor will help you choose a program and courses that will fit with your degree. The earlier you begin this process, the better.
  • If I decide to participate on a non-UC study abroad program, how can I transfer credit? What is the procedure?
  • Staff in our office will help you with the independent study abroad leave process.
  • How expensive will study abroad be compared to staying at UC Davis?
  • Many programs are comparable in price to UC Davis or even less, as are the costs of living. In addition, financial aid and scholarships are available. Visit the Funding & Finances Page to learn more about funding your study abroad program.
  • What are the prerequisites and eligibility requirements to study abroad?
  • It depends on the program. Prerequisites and eligibility requirements are listed on the program webpages.
  • What are my chances of being accepted to a program?
  • UC Davis Summer AbroadSummer Abroad InternshipsQuarter AbroadSeminars Abroad, and USA Study Programs are first-completed, first-reserved programs so be sure to fill out your enrollment early. For UCEAP, if you meet all eligibility requirements and are considered a good match for the program, you are very likely to be accepted. For independent programs, visit the provider's website for eligibility and enrollment information.
  • When are the applications or enrollments due?
  • Applications for UCEAP are roughly due about nine months to a year in advance of the program. Enrollments for UC Davis Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad Internships, Quarter Abroad, Seminars Abroad, and USA Study Programs are generally due one to two quarters in advance of the program, but there can be exceptions. Students should complete online applications/enrollments and submit ALL required supporting materials in a timely manner by the program deadline. Deadline information: UC Davis Summer Abroad, UC Davis Summer Abroad InternshipsQuarter Abroad, Seminars Abroad, USA Study Programs, UCEAP.
  • Do I have to take classes for my major while abroad?
  • No, you do not have to take classes for your major on your study abroad program. However, you should ensure that the program you choose does not interfere with your degree (i.e. graduation timeline, meeting minimum progress, unit caps, senior residence requirements, coursework for your major on campus, etc.) If you do want to earn General Education (GE) credit, details can be found on the GE page.
  • How can I go on a semester program when UC Davis is on quarters?
  • Students on Fall Term programs will miss fall quarter at UC Davis, but will earn 18-24 quarter units of credit. Students on Spring Term programs will miss winter and spring quarters and earn 18-24 quarter units. Students on year-long programs will earn 36-48 quarter units, comparable to a year on campus.
  • How do I receive credit in my Major for courses I take abroad?
  • UC Davis Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad Internships, Quarter Abroad, Seminars Abroad, and USA Study Programs offer UC Davis classes and they are used as they are listed in the General Catalog. With UCEAP, you will need to demonstrate to your department why your host university class should count towards your major.
  • How do I receive GE credit for courses taken abroad?
  • If you go on a UC Davis Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad Internships, Quarter Abroad, Seminars Abroad, or USA Study Programs, you are taking UC Davis classes and you will receive GE credit, if it is already listed in the General Catalog. For UCEAP students, you will need to petition for GE credit upon return to UC Davis. More GE information can be found here.
  • How can I meet senior residence requirements and study abroad my senior year?
  • You may be able to participate in a UC study abroad program during your last quarter/summer at UC Davis, provided you haven't exceeded your 225 units (Engineering majors excluded). You should set up an appointment to meet with your college's Dean's Office to discuss 'senior residence.'
  • Can I take courses P/NP while abroad?
  • Yes, you can take courses P/NP on UC Davis Quarter Abroad. However, you must follow all university policy related to P/NP courses. For example, such requests must be submitted and confirmed before the 25th day of instruction and a maximum of one third of the units completed in residence on the campus can be P/NP (UC Davis Quarter Abroad counts as "in residence"). Please note that if you are taking language courses to fulfill a language requirement, they must be graded.

    Yes, for UC Davis Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad Internships, and USA Study Programs, there are two courses typically each offered for 4 units but some programs vary: a core course and a directed group study, 198. The 198 courses are offered on a mandatory P/NP basis. Students may elect to use the P/NP option for the core course. To do so, students must notify the program instructor before the second week of the program.

    Yes, on UCEAP, you can take a maximum of one-third (1/3) of the total units per term on the P/NP basis. The P/NP option must be noted on the Study List at the time of enrollment or petitioned during the normal petition period. However, the P/NP is not allowed for:

    - Intensive Language Program (ILP) courses taken by undergraduates, unless the courses are offered on the P/NP basis only.
    - Special study courses (independent study, research, or internships) when the particular program requires a letter grade.
    - The language instruction portion of short-term language and culture programs.
    - You must also follow the rules of your UC Davis college, i.e. Engineering students cannot take any courses for P/NP.
  • How do I register for classes before I return to UC Davis?
  • Students studying abroad on UC Davis Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad Internships, Quarter Abroad, USA Study Programs, UCEAP, and on an approved Independent program can register for classes before returning to UC Davis by using Schedule Builder. It is important that students monitor their UC Davis email account while abroad for information sent from the Registrar's Office about registration dates and pass times. Students abroad can access Schedule Builder using the internet and register for classes as usual. Students should consult with their academic advisors before going abroad to plan the courses that they will take while abroad, as well as plan their classes for their first quarter back at UC Davis.
  • How will my time abroad be noted on my transcripts?
  • UC Davis Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad Internships, and USA Study Programs - Courses will appear on your transcript just as regular UC Davis courses. There is nothing at this time that specifies the coursework was taken abroad. Students who need to demonstrate that a course was taken abroad can request a letter from the Study Abroad office.

    UC Davis Quarter Abroad - Most courses taken abroad through Quarter Abroad are also designated with an S, to show they were taken abroad.  Finally, there is a note in the comments section at the end of the transcript stating the program attended.

    UC Davis Seminars Abroad - There is a note in the comments section at the end of the transcript stating the program attended.

    UCEAP - Two notations will appear on your official transcripts to reflect your study abroad experience; one in the quarter you were participating in EAP and the other at the bottom of your transcript in the remarks section. Both notations will state that you participated in the Education Abroad Program, the country you studied, and the quarter/s you were participating. Your courses, units and grades will be listed on your transcript just like your UC Davis classes.

    Independent Study Abroad - For courses taken abroad that are approved and transferred upon a student's return to campus, the units will be noted at the end of the transcript in the "Transfer" section.
  • What affect will studying abroad have on my GPA?
  • UC Davis Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad Internships, Quarter Abroad, Seminars Abroad, and USA Study Programs - Students will receive grades as if they were here on campus.

    UCEAP - Your GPA will be matriculated just as if you were here on campus receiving grades. Your UCEAP grades will be reflected in your quarter and overall UC cumulative GPA. All graded courses will be converted appropriately and grades will be posted on your transcript approximately 90 days after your program ends. These courses will remain part of your UC Davis academic record.

    Independent Study Abroad - For courses taken abroad that are approved and transferred, they will not factor into the student's GPA.
  • Can grades received on a UC study abroad program be appealed like they can at Davis?
  • UC Davis Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad Internships, Quarter Abroad, Seminars Abroad, and USA Study Programs students should follow the campus procedure for appeals. Students who have questions about a grade should first discuss their concerns with the instructor. Generally all grades except I or IP are final when filed by the instructor at the end of the quarter. Only clerical or procedural errors which can be documented are granted. If the instructor agrees that a clerical or procedural error has been made, the grade can be changed by means of a petition filed by the instructor. Requests to interchange P, NP, S, or U grades are automatically denied. More information on grade grievances.

    UCEAP students will receive information on grades in their general guide, once accepted into the program. As with UC Davis courses, all grades are considered final at the time they are issued at the end of the term. Only documented clerical/procedural errors (i.e. typos, transpositions, wrong courses, etc.) will be considered for a grade change. EAP will not consider appeals based on comparison to other students, grades a student normally receives at UC Davis, or differences in assessment style from UC Davis. It is the student's responsibility to consult with their professors throughout the term so they are not surprised by final grades. It is also important for students to familiarize themselves with the host institution's grading system which may be very different from that of UC Davis.
  • How can I access my academic records while abroad?
  • You can access your academic records through SISWeb. To access the SISWeb system you will need your UC Davis LoginID and corresponding Kerberos password. The SISWeb system is normally available 24 hours a day, except from midnight Friday through 10 a.m. Saturday. Registration activity (enrolling in classes, adding, or dropping, etc.) can only occur during times you are eligible.
  • Can I still be on the Dean's List while abroad?
  • Students on UC Davis Summer Abroad, Summer Abroad InternshipsQuarter Abroad, Seminars Abroad, and USA Study Programs must meet the same requirements for the Dean's List as if you were here on campus. There is no delay and no need to request a retroactive notation.

    UCEAP students can still qualify for Dean's List as long as you complete 12 graded units and meet the GPA cutoff. Because the EAP grades come in late and after we have run the end of term program for Deans' List, you will need to request a retroactive Dean's List notation from your Deans' Office. They will send a record correction to the Registrar's Office.
  • How can I apply for graduate schools while I am studying abroad?
  • If you need to apply to graduate or professional school programs while you are abroad, prepare yourself by allowing extra communication time for application documents and ensuring that you know what you need for your graduate school application.  Application items may include transcripts, letters of recommendation and entrance examinations.  Check with the Registrar’s office for official transcript delivery timelines and visit the Advising Services website to see more information about graduate school application time lines.  For Law school application timelines, see the Pre-Law advising website and for Medical, dental, optometry, etc. professional school application information, see the Pre-Health professions advising website.
  • How can I take GRE's while abroad?
  • It is possible to take the GRE overseas. Refer to the GRE website regarding test centers.