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Karma Waltonen

University Writing Program

Karma Waltonen has taught at UC Davis for nineteen years. In 2015, she won the Academic Federation Excellence in Teaching Award. She teaches a variety of writing and literature classes, including courses on young adult literature, science fiction, Shakespeare, Writing in Film, and Writing in the Fine Arts. As she is a stand-up comic, she teaches courses on writing and performing stand-up comedy and mentors the university's stand-up comedy club. Read more about her: 

A Message to Students and Parents

I’ve discovered the secret to a great professional life is to work on the texts and ideas I most love, which is why I’m an expert on film, science-fiction/fantasy literature, and The Simpsons (my second book on The Simpsons is coming out this year). My most recent publications are on time travel in Star Trek, postmodernism in The X-Files, sexuality in Sherlock, religion in Doctor Who, and apocalypses in Margaret Atwood’s works (I'm the President of the Margaret Atwood Society and the editor of our peer-reviewed journal. Want to talk about The Handmaid's Tale adaptation? Good--so do I!). I’m also an expert on comedy—my most challenging writing class is Writing and Performing Stand-Up Comedy—the final is a live performance, and I perform with the students each time. Come join me for an invigorating exploration of the birthplace of modern fantasy literature!