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At the Crossroads of Gender and Communication

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Professor Nicholas A. Palomares

Professor Palomares Department Bio

Nicholas A. Palomares is a professor in the Department of Communication (since 2004). He earned his BA in psychology from UC Berkeley in 1999 and his MA (2002) and PhD (2005) from UC Santa Barbara in communication. His expertise is twofold: 1) gender and communication and 2) goal pursuit and understanding in conversation. Over 100 undergraduate students have directly worked with him on research for dozens of projects. Nik teaches undergraduate classes in gender and communication, language use and conversation, and empirical research methods.

A Message to Students and Parents

"I have been on the UC Davis faculty for just over a decade teaching and engaging in scholarship on language and conversation in general and focusing on gender in particular. Through my academic career as a professor, I am fortunate to have been able to answer interesting questions (e.g., why do males and females communicate differently?) that I had in my youth. I am also fortunate to share this and other knowledge with students enrolled in my gender and communication class, which I have taught nearly 30 times. The summer abroad program provides students and me with an opportunity to explore and apply these issues/concepts in London—a locale rich with history, culture, and intellectually stimulating resources that give the class a unique and valuable spin that is not otherwise attainable in on-campus offerings of the course.

I love to travel and pride myself on the experiences I have had traveling domestically (NYC, DC, Chicago, Portland, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Juan, etc.) and internationally (London, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, South Korea, China, Norway, Morocco, Barcelona, Montreal, Brugge, Singapore, etc.). My passion for traveling is a good match for my passion for teaching and learning, and this program provides a wonderful opportunity to combine them into a single experience. Exploring via international travel is an invaluable tool for global awareness, tolerance, and diversity, especially as our world gets seemingly smaller with advances in technology and social media. Learning in a major and vibrant city, such as London, is something students will reflect on and embrace for many decades to come. It will give them a means to gain a better understanding of humanity and increase their appreciation for life, culture, education, and society. For these reasons, I am thrilled to teach abroad and help students gain worldly experiences, while also facilitating their progress toward graduation at UC Davis."