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Taiwan Through Literature and Film

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Michelle Yeh

Global Affairs, Chinese

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Born and raised in Taiwan, Michelle Yeh received her PhD in comparative literature from the University of Southern California and has made UC Davis one of the few American universities that offer an in-depth course on Taiwanese literature and culture. She is a world-renowned scholar and translator of modern poetry written in Chinese and has published a dozen books, more than a hundred articles, and hundreds of English translations of Chinese poems, stories, and essays. She was a finalist for the Distinguished Teaching Award at UC Davis in 2010-11. 

A Message to Students and Parents

I see myself as a “translator” of cultures. A comparatist by training, I love studying different languages and cultures, especially cross-cultural relations between East Asia and the West. In 2012, I launched “Summer Abroad in Taiwan” because I wanted to introduce students to the island’s fascinating history and rich culture. At the graduation party hosted by the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures in 2014, three students came up to me and said that “Summer Abroad in Taiwan” was the most memorable experience at UC Davis and had changed their lives forever. For 2017, I have planned an even more exciting program to include not only the best literature and films Taiwan has produced, but also conversations with famous poets, writers, directors, and scholars; world-class performance of Peking opera; visit to the National Palace Museum and other cultural sites; personalized classes in Chinese calligraphy and tea; and, last but not least, sampling different kinds of food that reflect the history and cultural diversity of Taiwan. You will be amazed how much you will learn—and enjoy—in four weeks!