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Into the Andes—History, Environment, Culture

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Jordan Lauhon


I first travelled in the Andean region as an undergraduate student and have been going back ever since. After college I moved to the northern Andes (Ecuador) where I  worked as the Director of International Programs at the Center for Inter-American Studies. It was a dream job that allowed me to travel throughout Latin America with dozens of student groups, large and small. My many trips to Cuzco are especially memorable, not least because history looms so large in the people and landscapes of the region. The more I travelled in the Andes, the more questions I had about the history, culture, and politics of the region, and I soon found myself in graduate school back in the United States. After earning a Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies at Indiana University, I moved to sunny California where I completed my Ph.D. in Latin American history at UC Davis. My research in social, cultural, and environmental history has led me back to the Andes every year for over a decade, most recently as a Fulbright scholar. 

A Message to Students and Parents

I love teaching on campus, but I’m struck by the fact that many of our lecture halls feature desks and chairs that are bolted to the floor. It reminds me of why I believe study abroad can play such a pivotal role in students’ personal and intellectual growth. Study abroad, as with learning in general, is partly about moving outside your comfort zone. It’s about following your curiosity, gathering new knowledge and experiences, questioning your assumptions, and rethinking your place in our interconnected world. In a sense, study abroad offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn “on the move.” Who knows where it might take you?

What Students Are Saying

  • You learn so much, not just from the course or the professor, but from the locals in Cuzco, and especially the amazing, diverse set of classmates you’ll have. Coming here has been one of my favorite experiences; everywhere we’ve gone has been stunning."
  • "History of the Andean Region was a once in a lifetime experience… Peru is a beautiful and rich country, and study abroad allowed me to explore and learn about a great country with a unique history." "History of the Andean Region’ made it easy to forget I was in school. It was a complete cultural and personal learning experience—one I will never forget. I saw myself climb mountains and tackle fears all while experiencing the beauty of the region and the people around me"