Summer Abroad Europe

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Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe

Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland

Arrive Date: July 8, 2019   End Date: August 4, 2019

Program Overview

In this program we will study the plans, systems, and designs for urban sustainability, exploring transit, bike and pedestrian circulation; renewable energy systems and waste management; and urban planning and landscape/open space design. Relying on lectures, field trips, bike tours, guest speakers, design and planning problems, and reading-the-city exercises, the program shows what lessons can be taken from Europe back to U.S. cities. We will visit 8-10 cities—large and small—in 4-5 countries that have demonstrated a commitment and success in becoming more sustainable; this includes looking in-depth at various deliberate eco-districts and neighborhoods like Vauban, Rieselfeld, Trekronner, Vestra Hamnen, and Hammarby Sjostad, in places like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Freiburg, Lucerne, and elsewhere. The importance of strong urban planning principles and design approaches is studied throughout the program.

What do students say about this program and the instructor? Read comments at the end of the instructor biography to see how Sustainable Cities has made a significant impact in their lives.

Taught in:  English

Max Enrollment:  26

Program Coordinator:  Angela McNutt


Landscape Architecture (LDA) 191Workshop in Landscape Architecture (4 units)

Environmental Science and Policy (ESP) 173Land Use and Growth Controls (4 units)


Community and Regional Development (CRD) 153BInternational Community Development: Europe (4 units)

Community and Regional Development (CRD) 198Directed Group Study (4 units, P/NP) 

Graduate units are available (LDA 297 and LDA 298) per the consent of the instructor.

Prerequisites: Summer Abroad will be enforcing prerequisites for this program. See Academics.

Program Highlights

  • Visit some of the most sustainable and vibrant cities in Europe, seeing them on foot, train and bicycle.
  • Learn how European communities have embraced energy efficiency, recycling, renewable energy, car-free transportation, nature areas in the city, alternative housing and urban design.
  • Explore 8-10 European cities in 4-5 countries that demonstrate many principles and design strategies for sustainability.