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Genetics—The Global Language of Biology 

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Deborah Kimbrell

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Dr. Deborah A. Kimbrell received her Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Kimbrell trained as an American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge, and at Stockholm University as a Swedish Medical Research Council Visiting Scientist Fellow. Dr. Kimbrell then returned to the USA to establish her research laboratory, with the focus on genetics of innate immunity in Drosophila and including spaceflight research. See links to PLoS and NASA for more information. In teaching, Dr. Kimbrell emphasizes the research that establishes the knowledge.

Dr. Kimbrell sent fruit flies to space in 2006 in a study commissioned by NASA. The research continues today. Read more:

A Message to Students and Parents

"International scientists and citizens are required both for research and for understanding the science in everyday life. For the field of genetics, this is made particularly apparent by advances leading from the Human Genome Project. Genetics: The Global Language of Biology provides an intense, 4-week immersion in which students learn a foundation of genetics incorporating history, current research, and excitement for the future. In 2011, I initiated this program in order to provide more opportunity for science students to broaden their life and scientific views, and encourage them toward further studying/working abroad."

What Students Are Saying

  • "The program exceeded my original expectations, and I believe it’s mostly due to the amazing connections Dr. Kimbrell has with people everywhere we went. There were many opportunities and experiences that (without her) wouldn’t have been possible." 
  • “This experience was much more than simply absorbing genetics – tours, lectures and labs have shown me the diversity of professions and influence that genetics has. I feels so much better equipped with a toolbox of understanding genetics and teaching, going into the workforce.”
  • “Cheers to an awesome adventure, and for leaving me speechless. This trip taught me more than 20 years of life experiences have.”
  • "Teaches different ways to learn and that you are really smarter than you believe. After this program I am seriously considering Grad school in Europe."
  • "It has showed me a real appreciation of what we are learning in the field of genetics."
  • “Dr. Kimbrell explained topics well and was open to questions and class discussion.”
  • “Dr. Kimbrell is very passionate about the subject and it showed a lot.”
  • “Capt. Olsson did a great job of getting us on time for all the events, airport, classes, trips, dinners, and hostels. He was also great at guiding from place to place. He would give advice on what to see and do.”
  • “Our On-Site Coordinator Capt. Olsson made this trip the absolute best it could be.”
  • “Dr. Kimbrell and Capt. Olsson made an excellent team, and I’m so happy I got to meet them both!"