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Life Sciences in Japan

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Larry Morand

Molecular & Cellular Biology

Larry Morand grew up in Santa Monica, California. He was always intrigued by the natural world, and the daily life of people. He attended Humboldt State University (BA Chemistry) and Purdue University (PhD Biochemistry); and conducted nine years of research at UC Davis. He currently holds a dual appointment in Molecular & Cellular Biology at UC Davis as a Lecturer and as an Academic Coordinator. In both positions, he manages, updates and teaches in the upper division laboratory courses in Molecular and Cellular Biology; he also has taught the Genetics and the Cell Biology lecture courses. Larry enjoys teaching the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Lab course, which typically has 32 students per room allowing for a didactic learning environment. Also, he gets to know his students fairly well and supports their post-graduate endeavors as best he can. His teaching philosophy is based on the notion that “The Individual is Important."

Larry’s other campus activities reflect his student focus. For 11 years, he served on the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee at UC Davis interviewing students pursuing Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Optometry, and wrote cover letters for their applications. During the interview sessions, he also provided advice and encouragement when needed. He frequently serves on a student run panel, “How to get letters of recommendation from a professor”; he is credited for his candor and reassurance. He is the faculty advisor for the UC Davis student chapter of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), a professional national organization to promote research careers. He has provided guest lectures for Ritsumeikan University students at UC Davis here to study English, and arranged a social gathering between the participants in the UC Davis Summer Abroad program, Life Sciences in Japan, and the Ritsumeikan students, hoping to foster friendships that will continue when the UC students travel to Ritsumeikan.

A Message to Students and Parents

"Larry became connected to Japan over the years via his childhood experiences, university work and from being a host family for Japanese college students studying at UC Davis. He traveled to Japan for science conferences and for vacations, and during these trips he visited many friends and their families, deepening the friendships. The opportunity to participate in the Summer Abroad program in Japan fulfills his aspirations to broaden his teaching career, to reconnect with his friends in Japan, to make new friends at Ritsumeikan, and to experience daily life to some degree in another culture. Mostly, the Summer Abroad program allows him to provide the opportunity for UC students to experience the beauty of Japan within an educational program, which he hopes will include some of his students making good friends with students at the host university."

What Students Are Saying

  • “Everything was just amazing! Dr. Morand, his Onsite Coordinator (Amy) and all the people I met are all helpful and superb at what they do.”
  • “Dr. Morand is an excellent instructor. He made it clear what we needed to know and actually cared about us. I can tell he wanted us to succeed not only in his class, but in the future.”
  • “The instructor was effective during problem solving and office hours where we could ask him questions on the material. He is very approachable, kind, helpful and understanding.”