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Japan—Sustainability of the Built Enviornment

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John E. Bolander

Civil and Environmental Engineering

John E. Bolander obtained his Ph.D. degree in civil engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in 1989. He belonged to the faculty of engineering at Kyushu University, Japan, for five years prior to arriving at UC Davis in 1994. Bolander received fellowship awards for research in Japan from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in 1997 and 2008. He received the 2006 Outstanding Faculty Teaching Award from the College of Engineering at UC Davis. He has recently completed a six-year term as chief editor of the international journal Cement and Concrete Composites.  In June 2011, he was supported by the US Department of State as a Fulbright Specialist on assignment in the Philippines. Bolander’s teaching and research interests involve the effective use of high-performance materials and structures within the built environment.

A Message to Students and Parents

My long-term work experiences in Japan, and extensive travels within other countries, have been sources of personal growth and professional opportunities. The four-week program will not only deliver academic content that meets UC standards of excellence, but it will also provide numerous opportunities to experience and appreciate Japanese culture. 

What Students are Saying

  • “Professor Bolander is very kind, patient and he knows Japan well. He was always willing to help us when we needed it and he went out of his way to make the program a success. I highly recommend it!”
  • "He genuinely cares about his students and wants to see them all succeed. He was always open to help when we needed it. He always had patience and made sure that everyone was enjoying themselves." 
  • "The way he allocated the work was superb…His lectures were well prepared. He helped us enjoy the course and the country. He is extremely patient which helped with all the issues of being a new program. He's awesome!"
  • "This is my second course with Prof. Bolander and the way that he structures his classes and the way he teaches has been ideal. The homework's he assigns are extremely helpful when preparing for tests as well."
  • "Professor Bolander is very understanding and caring for his students. As stated before, his lectures are concise and strong. He is always willing to answer questions regardless of Office Hours."