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Rome—Art, Culture, History in the Eternal City

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Jay Grossi

French and Italian

I was born in Berkeley, California and raised in Sacramento. My paternal grandparents immigrated from Canton Ticino, the Italian-speaking area of Switzerland, to California in the 1920s. In 1979 I visited this region of Switzerland and Italy for the first time, and upon my return to California, I decided to study Italian language, literature, culture, and history. I eventually went to graduate school at UC Berkeley where I specialized in modern Italian literature. I also have a great interest in Italian-Swiss history and culture.

I have been a lecturer in Italian language and culture at UC Davis since 1994 where I teach Italian language and culture courses.  The summer of 2019 will be my 13th time leading a study abroad program in Rome, and I look forward to another very rewarding year in Rome, Italy with my students!

A Message to Student and Parents

I have been faculty leader of the UC Davis Rome summer abroad program, Rome-Art, Culture, and History in the Eternal City since 2007. The students who participate on this program and I stay in the historic center of Rome near Circus Maximus; during our stay, every morning Monday-Friday we do a walking tour of the Eternal City visiting historical sites, such as St. Peters, Villa Borghese, the Roman Forum, etc.; in the afternoon Monday-Thursday the students attend class where I teach them about Roman (and Italian) history and culture. In addition, there will be the following visits outside of Rome: a day trip to Tarquinia, north of Rome to visit the Etruscan tombs, a visit to the ancient Roman port of Ostia Antica, a visit to Renaissance Villa D’Este east of Rome and a three-day trip to the Amalfi Coast where we visit Pompeii and other historical sites in this region. I have found my ten years as faculty leader a very rewarding experience, and I hope to make 2019 an even better experience for my students!

What Students Are Saying

  • "I got to fully experience the place I have always wanted to go, Rome."
  • "I loved this program and had the time of my life!" 
  • "Jay Grossi is an amazing teacher, person, traveller. Great trip!"
  • "He [Jay Grossi] was organized and very knowledgeable about Italy. He was very helpful."