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Bio Sci 2B in Dublin

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Dr. Joanna Kacprzyk

Lead Instructor, University College Dublin

School of Biology & Environmental Science - Genetics Module

Dr. Joanna Kacprzyk is an Assistant Professor in cell biology and genetics at University College Dublin. She studied biotechnology at the International Faculty of Engineering, Technical University of Lodz in her homeland of Poland. After graduating with a first-class honours MSc degree, she moved to Ireland, and in 2012 was awarded a PhD in Plant Science at University College Dublin. Her research focuses on cellular stress responses for programmed cell death and survival, and she is engaged in multidisciplinary projects involving both plant and animal systems. She teaches cell biology and genetics to students from first-year to postgraduate level, including courses popular among international students. She is also the Programme Director of MSc in Biological and Biomolecular Science by Negotiated Learning and contributes to an online MSc programme in Environmental Sustainability. She is keen to acknowledge that teaching is one of the most inspiring and rewarding aspects of her career and believes that passionate teachers create passionate learners. Her teaching strategy is student-centred, with an emphasis on active learning, transferrable skills development and student engagement in cutting-edge biological research. Students consistently rank her teaching style, enthusiasm and approachability very highly, such that she was nominated for a UCD Teaching and Learning Award in 2017. She is looking forward to using her own experience of studying abroad to assist the BIS 2B students during their adventure in Ireland.

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Patrick Randolph

Faculty of Record, UC Davis

Department of Evolution & Ecology

Dr. Pat Randolph has been managing and teaching BIS2B, Introduction to Evolution and Ecology, since the inception of the course at the University of California, Davis. He earned a BS in zoology from UC Davis, then subsequently an MS and PhD in entomology from Purdue University, with an emphasis on the taxonomy and biogeography of the aquatic insect group, mayflies. While in graduate school, he developed a strong interest in undergraduate education in the biological sciences, especially in the diversity of animals without backbones. He first discovered his love of teaching while working with students in entomology courses at Purdue University. His mentors during his time there shared their passion for teaching, showing Dr. Randolph that creative approaches to education are not only fun (not only for him but the students), but can be instrumental in helping students learn complicated biological conceptsDr. Randolph strives to provide individual support to all students and demonstrate the real world implications of their academic pursuits.

Professor Tasman Crowe

Program Instructor, University College Dublin

School of Biology & Environmental Science – Marine Ecology

Dr. John Finarelli

Program Instructor, University College Dublin

School of Biology & Environmental Science – Evolution, Animal Diversity Module

Dr. Adam Kane

Program Instructor, University College Dublin

School of Biology & Environmental Science – Macroecology Module

Dr. Sonia Negrao

Program Instructor, University College Dublin

School of Biology & Environmental Science – Plant Biology, Biodiversity Module

A Message to Students and Parents

Biological Sciences 2B is a key introduction to basic principles of ecology and evolutionary biology. The topics of BIS2B focus on the fundamental mechanisms that generate and maintain biological diversity ranging from genes, populations, species, to global processes and patterns. The general principles of evolution and ecology not only are of interest in their own right, but have practical applications in agriculture and the health sciences. Students taking BIS2B in Dublin will have the advantage of taking this class with a very small group of students and will receive the type of personal attention that is not possible in the big lecture format offered on the UC Davis campus. In addition, the students will be able to complete a course required for most majors in the biological sciences in a wonderful setting like Ireland. I am looking forward to interacting with the students who choose to enroll in this unique study abroad experience.