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Fashion Marketing in Paris

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Nan Turner

Textiles and Clothing

Nan Turner earned her undergraduate degree in Design at UC Davis. She then worked as a fashion designer in New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Columbus, Ohio before returning in 2010 to obtain a Master’s Degree in Textiles and Clothing.  Nan is currently teaching the following courses at Davis: TXC173 Fashion Marketing and TXC 107 The Social Psychology of Clothing and Appearance.  Her research interests involve the study of restrictions and rationing during WWII and the resulting implications of creativity and sustainability motivated by austerity.  She is working on a book on clothing use during WWII entitled Deprivation Fashion.

A recent KDVS interview with Nan (note: skip to 36:50). 

A Message to Students and Parents

"My first exposure to Paris, as a recent design grad from UC Davis during the 1970s, was a four-week summer abroad course in fashion. I was very fortunate to find work as an assistant designer for a French designer and stayed in Paris for three years after the course. During those years I learned French, worked as an assistant at Lanvin and Per Spook—French fashion houses—and gained a design sensibility and view of the world that I could not have achieved in the United States.

On returning to the US, my French experience really gave me a competitive and artistic edge. I enjoyed a very successful career as a designer in NYC for Liz Claiborne, Charter Club for Federated Department Stores, and Abercrombie & Fitch. I look forward to sharing my knowledge of France, fashion, and marketing with you."