UC Davis Summer Abroad


StatusPlanned for 2018

Cuba — Narratives of Resistance

Havana, Cuba

Arrive Date: July 31, 2018   End Date: August 29, 2018

Program Overview

Since the Spanish conquest, Cuba has been a major site of resistance—first against Spain, and later against the United States. On our journey to Havana, Cuba, we will examine various narratives of resistance with regards to slavery, rebellion, and revolution as they have been articulated across different media platforms. We will immerse ourselves in Cuban culture by reading Cuban literature, listening to Afro-Cuban music, watching Cuban films, and visiting locations and institutions that shed light on Cuba’s political and cultural history of resistance. We will also examine how U.S. thinkers and writers have used Cuba and its revolutions as a model of resistance against racism and oppression.

Instructor:  Raquel Scherr

Taught in:  English

Max Enrollment:  30

Program Coordinator:  Rosana Avila


Comparative Literature (COM) 165SCaribbean Literatures (4 units)

Comparative Literature (COM) 198Direct Group Study (4 units, P/NP)

Program Highlights
  • Live in Havana.
  • Visit places such as Trinidad, Santa Clara, Varadero.
  • Learn about the slave trade, the slave rebellions and revolutionary wars against foreign governments.
  • Visit the site of the Bay of Pigs Invasion.
  • Read and watch Cuban films about Jose Marti, the great Liberator of Cuba, as well as other films that underscore historical and social forces at work in Cuba.
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