Summer Abroad Austria

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Vienna—Crossroads of Central Europe

Vienna, Austria

Arrive Date: August 1, 2019    End Date: August 31, 2019

Program Overview

Vienna, one of Europe’s most magnificent capitals, is our home base. We hike the Austrian Alps and explore the Danube River and Austria’s stunningly beautiful winegrowing region. Gateway to Eastern Europe, Vienna saw epic battles between Christians and Muslims as Ottoman Turks advanced west. Mozart and Beethoven composed in Vienna, a musical capital home to more classical composers than any other city. Sigmund Freud and Gustav Klimt made Vienna the birthplace of “modernity” around 1900. For centuries a center of Jewish culture, Vienna saw the destruction of its flourishing Jewish community after Nazi annexation in 1938. We visit Austria’s most notorious concentration camp, Mauthausen. In the Cold War, Vienna, officially “neutral,” became a United Nations headquarter—and a hotbed of international espionage. With the fall of the iron curtain, it is again a meeting point between East and West.

Taught in:  English

Max Enrollment:  28

Program Coordinator:  Jennifer Moylan


History (HIS) 102S. Undergraduate Proseminar in History (5 units)

History (HIS) 198. Directed Group Study (3 units, P/NP)

(German majors earn 8 credits and German minors earn 4 credits)

Program Highlights

  • Three days in the Austrian Alps! We take a gondola to our mountain-top lodge and relive The Sound of Music.
  • Medieval Castles & Baroque Palaces
  • Wine-tasting in Vienna’s many wine gardens.
  • Live performances of Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven.
  • Challenge your palate—extra credit for adventurous eating!

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