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Buenos Aires—Music, Film and Culture in the Global City

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Ana Peluffo

Spanish and Classics Department & Music

Ana Peluffo is the author of En clave emocional: Cultura y afecto en América Latina (2016), Lágrimas andinas: Sentimentalismo, género y virtud republicana (Iberoamericana, 2005), Entre hombres: Masculinidades del siglo XIX en América Latina (co-edited with Ignacio Sánchez-Prado, 2010), and Pensar el siglo XIX desde el siglo XXI (A contracorriente, 2012). Prof. Peluffo has also published numerous articles on contemporary Argentine culture and film. 

A Message to Students and Parents

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and subsequently moved to New York City, where I studied at Sarah Lawrence College and New York University. I have been teaching a summer abroad course in Buenos Aires for the last ten years. I really enjoy sharing with students my passion for the urban life, as Buenos Aires is in many ways the antithesis of Davis: there are museums, festivals, street performances and all kinds of activities at all hours (most restaurants don’t even open for dinner until 9 PM). Just taking the subway or walking down the street often becomes an adventure, as the city is full of action and excitement. For me, it is very rewarding to witness the life-changing effect that this traveling experience has on students’ lives. Many of them fall in love with the city and later return on their own for extended periods of time. At Davis, I teach courses in the Spanish Department on Latin American literatures and cultures, with an emphasis on Argentina, gender studies and visual arts.  

What Students Are Saying

  • "I loved this program. I had the best month of my life... the professors showed utmost interest in every student—very sad to leave."
  • "Everything was fabulous. I would advise the students to stay longer and appreciate everything!"
  • "Ana and Pablo were the reason why this trip was successful. They are amazing and they gave us a lot of insight on Argentina."
  • "It was a great experience in a great city."