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Oaxacalifornia—Multiethnicity and Migration

This course is focused on the rapidly changing social, economic and cultural reality of rural and urban communities of the state of Oaxaca in Southeastern Mexico. The mountainous state of Oaxaca, which is the size of Belgium, is inhabited by 17 diverse indigenous and mestizo ethnic nationalities some of which have been migrating to the U.S., especially to California, for many years. Environmental crisis, social instability, poverty and misguided public policies can be blamed for these cycles of circular transnational migration, however it is also true that most of the rural communities of Oaxaca are increasingly appealing to their own millennial knowledge and practices to find solutions for their survival and growth in the new globalized neoliberal political economy.


Seminars Abroad Mexico, Native American Studies (NAS) 198 - Draft Syllabus 2019 (PDF)


Native American Studies (NAS) 198. Directed Group Study (3 units, P/NP grading only)*

*Program and units are attached to fall quarter.