Fees & Payments

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Seminars Abroad Fees

The total cost of participation in UC Davis Seminars Abroad depends upon the program you choose. The total program cost is divided in three separate fees: UC Davis Tuition and Fees (no additional Tuition and Fees to participate in Seminars Abroad), Seminars Abroad Fee and Accommodations and Services Abroad Fee. There are some costs that apply to all programs and other costs that vary depending on the program.

Handling your finances for your Seminars Abroad program is pretty simple, because the fees and payments process works just like it does for a regular quarter here at UC Davis, and you use all the same tools to manage your finances.

To plan accurately for your time abroad, there are a few things you need to know about how fees and payments work for Seminars Abroad.

  • Your fees (regular UC Davis Tuition and Fees, Seminars Abroad Fee and Accommodations and Services Abroad Fee) will be posted to your student account. You’ll be able to view your fees in SISWeb and pay them through MyBill or at the UC Davis Cashier’s Office.
  • Financial aid funds will be disbursed into your student account as usual. You can work directly with the Financial Aid Office to request additional aid if you need it for the program.

Follow these steps below to handle your fees for your Seminars Abroad Program

  • Find out what your fees are: First, you can review the “Cost” section of your Seminars Abroad Program web page to find out what fees will be billed to your student account and what expenses you will pay out of pocket.
  • Find out when your fees are due
  • Make payments for fees: You can make an online payment for your Seminars Abroad Program through the MyBill system or visit the Student Accounting Office website to learn about other options for making payments. Contact Student Accounting or the Cashier’s Office if you have questions about how to pay your bill. Contact information is below.
  • Verify that your fees are paid by the Fee Payment Deadline: Once you have completed the above steps, be sure to check your student account at SISWeb to verify all your fees are paid by the Fee Payment Deadline.