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Political Science at the London School of Economics

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Daniel Kono

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science



Daniel Kono’s interest in international political economy stems from, and has evolved with, ongoing public policy debates. His dissertation research focused on international trade agreements, a topic that generated intense political conflict (e.g., the “Battle of Seattle”) while he was in graduate school. He began studying foreign aid after the Millennium Development Project spurred a heated debate about its political and economic effects. Most recently, the political challenge of climate change has led him to ask why some governments have adopted more ambitious climate change policies than others. In exploring these topics, he strives for research that is normatively useful as well as positively rigorous, and that can help inform these important policy debates. Department website.

A Message to Students and Parents

"Altogether, I’ve spent about four years of my life living outside the United States. Every overseas stay has been eye-opening: not only did I learn more about the countries in which I lived, I also came to see my own country from a different perspective. I developed a deeper appreciation of our own strengths, a greater awareness of our weaknesses, and a better sense of how others see us. In today’s interconnected world—where no country or people can thrive on its own—it is more important than ever for young people to seek out this broader perspective. I can think of no better way to kick off this process than spending a quarter in the cosmopolitan city of London."