Summer Internships in Ireland

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Galway and Limerick, Ireland

Arrive Date: 6/19/2019    End Date: 8/3/2019

Program Overview

On the rugged coast of Ireland, Galway brims with history and culture. Further south, Limerick mixes a modern city with medieval treasures. As an intern, you may be assisting with a wide range of services to children and teenagers in disadvantaged areas; supporting the families of children with special needs and long term illness; gaining hands-on skills by facilitating activities in Summer Youth Camps; or assisting with a non-profit organization that provides support for individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

The program includes an extensive on-site orientation to help students learn about the community, their cohort, and their internships, as well as offers cultural activities and optional fee-based excursions. The Ireland site has a service-learning focus so participants go through a guided reflection program and leave with a Service-Learning Portfolio.  

Apart from work for the internship, students also engage in an online course facilitated by a UC Davis instructor. The online coursework provides an opportunity for meaningful reflection during the program. Students will spend approximately 20 hours per week at their internship and another 8 hours per week for the online course.

Taught in:  English (course taught remotely)

Total Max Enrollment:  8

Program CoordinatorAngela McNutt


Education Abroad (EAP) 192. Internship (4 units, P/NP)

Psychology (PSC) 198. Directed Group Study (2 units, P/NP)


Students will participate in a professional internship for approximately 20 hours per week. Students are matched with an organization according to each student’s experiences, interests, and skills. View sample organizations (PDF) in Ireland.

All enrolled students will be placed with an organization. Students with relevant experience and a GPA over 2.5 may have more placement options or an internship role with greater responsibility than students without experience or a lower GPA.


This program is open to students who meet the eligibility requirements.

Program Highlights

  • Exceptional intercultural communication opportunities in an international workplace
  • Excellent opportunity to hone and apply concepts learned in classrooms in real-world, global contexts
  • Tremendous opportunity to make cultural, professional, and geographic discoveries
  • Exciting opportunity to grow professionally and personally
  • Outstanding résumé line item and interview talking point