Emma Wynne

UC Davis Study Abroad Student Staff Photo, Emma Wynne

Position Title
Peer Advisor

Study Abroad

1120 International Center
UC Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Wynne and I’m a third year Sociology and Spanish double major. I studied abroad during fall quarter of 2017 in Mendoza, Argentina to study Spanish, and it was the most incredible experience I have had in college thus far!

During my time in Argentina, I had to navigate an entirely new culture, communicate in a language which is not my native language, step out of my shell when living with a host family, and build new relationships with many different people. I was able to get to know myself in an entirely new context, which gave me the confidence to pursue many experiences that have had a lasting effect on me. While I was in South America, I took full advantage of travelling and visited different parts of Argentina, Chile, and even Perú, all which even further expanded my global perspective. I learned that my education has the potential to extend far beyond what I can learn in the classroom. I know that I will carry the adventures I have had, the people I have met, and the places I have seen in my heart for a long time.

I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had to explore new parts of the world, and I look forward to helping other students find their own study abroad programs so they can seek their own adventures!