Emma Hoffman-Davies

UC Davis Study Abroad Student Staff Photo, Emma Hoffman-Davies

Position Title
Administrative Assistant

Study Abroad

1120 International Center
UC Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I’m a 2nd year Geology major.

I grew up in a British household, so I spent most of my childhood in and out of England visiting family while often spending time in France. I became so used to being immersed into other cultures that I developed a need to explore beyond my comfort zone; so I traveled to Israel. I became in touch with political conflict and culture not found in America or in England and realized how traveling really does add perspective and softens the edges on an already sharpened mindset towards certain issues.

I can’t wait to have my very own Study Abroad experience and I’m so excited to help others experience it themselves and to give them the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones and have the journey of a lifetime.