Brianne Holden

UC Davis Study Abroad Staff Photo, Brianne Holden

Position Title
Program Coordinator and Advisor

Study Abroad

1120 International Center
UC Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616

Bienvenido a UC Davis Study Abroad!

The immediate and long-term value of participating in a study abroad program is immeasurable. From trying new foods, meeting new friends and visiting new landscapes - to learning how to navigate new terrain, developing language skills and handling foreign currency - there is significant value in participating in such a unique and fun opportunity.

I originally developed my passion for culture and travel during a high school exchange program in Thailand, where I developed skills in learning how to communicate with people through hand gestures and miming; how to haggle at street markets and, most importantly, I developed an awareness for how people live outside of my own cultural understanding. As an undergraduate, I continued to pursue my interest in learning about diverse cultures by participating in a study abroad program to Spain before earning my bachelor’s degree in Global Cultures, with a minor in World History from UC Irvine.

My professional background includes working for AFS intercultural exchange short-term study abroad programs as a Program Manager in San Diego, CA; and for study abroad program provider CIEE, as a Student Services Intern for inbound students in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and from 2011-12 I worked as a teaching assistant and cultural ambassador for the Spanish Ministry of Education in Madrid.

My professional and personal experiences learning about and visiting distinct cultures motivated me to pursue my Master’s degree in International Studies, with a focus on International Education at the University of Oregon where I also worked as a Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships Advisor. The culmination of my professional and personal experiences has led me here; and as a Program Coordinator & Advisor at UC Davis, I am excited to work with you as you take your own steps towards an international experience!